Wednesday, January 28, 2009


*say it with the Chinese slang*

How do you like my new template? The original template can be found here and it looks like below:

Yeahh, it WAS a clean template. I thought of using the white one, but when I tried inserting my articles into the template, it looked SUPER-awkward. Too many emo posts aren't suitable for such clean look. So, I figured I should just stick to the same old EMO me. Alas, this edited template you're looking at!

Yet, I am NOT done. The header above is just temporary. And my sidebars are in a slight mess. Will get back to it tonight.

* Dem. I didn't do a screenshot of my previous template! All is lost. Uhh~
* Fortunately, I didn't have to re-do my widgets installation. Thanks to this article.
* Sepeket, time to change your templates!

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a i n k i n z said...

ouh,time memula wat belog lagi aku da nk tukar template.
tp aritu wat,ade salah ape ntah.
sumenya ilang entah ke mana.
dan aku amik keputusan MALAS nk wat dah.
tggula aku rajen dan lapang gilew nnt.
semuge bahgia ngn template baru.

cik bit said...

i like my currect layout
mls nk cemarkn bliaw

atreyu strange said...

pini kate belog ni suda jadi suram wlpn kurang emo... apakah?? xphm aku! woit pini! EXPLAIN!

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

simple and nice!

atreyu strange said...

Ouhh, thanx Siti! Finally, someone who finds it simple. That has been my target. (Besides being LESS emo)


peja said...

nmpk cam koperat la plak..korporat yer..bukan keparat! hehe

atreyu strange said...

cam corporate page ek? baguih ni. bley rekomen kat bos aku utk tuka layout website kompeni! ngeh3~

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