Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm sick of two IMMATURE girls

Before continue reading, please be reminded that the blog owner has decided to write an immature post because the owner has to EVEN UP to the standards of the immature girls. They don't understand grown-up talk.

I have a lot to say to these two PATHETIC girls but most of all, BLOODY MOVE ON, WOULD YOU??

Whatever your ex does beyond the moment you broke up has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Why the FUCK you think it has EVERYTHING to do with you? Revenge? Gosh, you're more pathetic than I've ever imagined.

You've done enough damage to HIM. Have you not realize? SELFISH IDIOTS. You're not the only one hurt. I've been down there and I know how it feels, but I picked myself up eventhough the weight of burden was painfully heavy! And ohh, I also thought, SERVES ME RIGHT, I WAS THE ONE WHO CHOSE TO LEAVE, FUCK. Have you not thought that over and over again??? *think about it without the word FUCK if you have to*

I hope you enjoy your moments while you still can because thanks to both of you MORONS, his self-esteem is down to ZERO now. It's fun to see your ex suffer as much as you eh? Wow. I wonder who's the one with REVENGE in mind now..

I'm tired of all these childish attitude. Doctors-to-be?? You have to be kidding me!

ST, STOP benchmarking 'em.

HATE ME if you have to. I've been an observant for FAR TOO LONG.

And at the end of it all, I sympathize... Walk out gracefully will you? Don't stumble and make a fool of yourselves...

*I've never been SO RUDE in a single post like this before. I must be DAMN pissed right now.
*I wish I wrote with less rage. I CAN'T. Anger has overpowered me tonight.

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Sweet Thinker said...

apo kono nie jang. ym meh. mahu korek rahsie kit. hehe!

Najwa_La said...

aku lagi lame observe dowg ni jen...
tu yang aku cam xbape kesah dowg 'patah atas' tu
aku na gak bace blog tuhh
kat mne ek?

atreyu strange said...

huhu. you're slightly late laa. one of 'em deleted her post (i think she got my point...finally), while the other one, errr... kau tnya la coursemate kau tu! huhu.

*xpun, kau tnya la gadis tu tros. eheh. ada branie??*

Najwa_La said...

aku da nek mls plak nasihatkan dia
aku tgk satu post yang ada gamba tuh
aku nasihatkan je jgn letak gmba
sbb aku tw intention dia letak all those pix
aku pon penah cmtu, malah lebih jahat lg
ngehh ngehh c:
ntahla... 2 2 pon kwn aku gak
2 2 hepi sudah
dont linger on the past
well atleast dun bother him nemore
tp dia tak mahu dgr...
aku na bwt cne??
pening aku tgk gadis tu...

atreyu strange said...

gadis tu, she's FRESH to the blogging world. she thinks it's an online diary (or so, she was told by her OTHER HALF).

she might say dia x kutuk, tapi puji, but both you and i understand, post itu mengaibkan org lain bukan? xpe, janji kau phm. dia xphm, well, penah ke dia phm?? *LMAO*

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