Thursday, January 22, 2009

Job Change

A couple of days ago, MEF announced that it estimates about 200,000 workers maybe losing their jobs in the coming months due to economy crisis which forces many to downsize the workforce. While this is happening and we begin to take note of it, I am here, still hunting for a job change! I know many would advise me otherwise. But I think I had enough of mental torture with my current employer. And as the global crisis still in discussion, my employer keeps pushing us to our limits while harassing us DAILY with her indisputable quotes such as,

"Please note under the current economic situation, I have no patience with staff that stalls and delay work, do not move quickly on tasks, do not deliver efficient work"

"All pay and job hire will be frozen. Current positions will also be reviewed. It depends on your ability to contribute effectively and efficiently to the company. No one can be in the comfort zone."

"During this global crisis, people are losing job. You should be grateful you still have yours. Nobody in this situation would even want to lose their job."

I'm tired of it. I know everyone else around me would turn and say, "Didn't we say so, like, MONTHS AGO??" But I'm nervous. Nervous to try something new. Maybe because I've been in my comfort zone for too long. But this comfort zone ain't so comfort anymore. And I'm willing to let it go now.

I will continue trying, and prove that my capabilities can be used elsewhere. Even when time is not on our side. Wish me luck.

*I hate to say this but, please find me a job?? Hehe.
*Dem. My company applies the two-months-notice policy. It's NOT gonna be easy switching job!

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