Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my Chinese friends, my aunt's family in Kuantan and my uncle's family in Kuching. I definitely miss the CNY celebration in Kuching because that's the BEST place to watch firework displays when the clock strikes midnight. Nowhere else in Malaysia can be compared to the night scene in Kuching on CNY's eve. I hope Bongkersz would agree with me. The streets get sooo smoky that you have to pull over to the side and wait for about 10-15mins to be able to drive again. Gosh, it sure was lively!

This time around, I'm celebrating my CNY holiday at a dreadful place, repeat, DREADFUL place. Where? Let's just say, if I don't visit my relative here, they'd be saying awful things about me. Yeahh, that's the attitude of typical Indian aunties for you. The sin of NOT visiting your relatives is equivalent to murdering your neighbour's cat (so I've concluded from observing my Indian relatives gossiping).

Anyway, to kill time, I'd probably work on getting materials for this site. It's been two months since I bought the domain and NOTHING is being done to it. I can't even get thru the Cpanel since I've forgotten the password! Huhu. Aaaa, no worries, I've jot it down somewhere... at home... Oit Sepeket, bila mau diskusi??

* Gotta ring my uncle in Kuching. I miss the ronda2 we do at night. Haihh~
* Sorry Chee Eng, I can't make it - again. When will we meet again? Hopefully not as a doctor and your patient! Ahax.

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Sub said...

giler rindu dengan balok?erk.
pernah ke sana ya?
tak bukan jalan kaki.
naik kenderaan sebab dalam 1km lebih dari rumah.


Sweet Thinker said...

kat kb lg meriah. CNY gua tdo dgn aman!

ps: ko pernah jumpa cinta yang salah kan? lalalla!

atreyu strange said...

Sub, Pantai Balok tu lah tempat berkelah, taman permainan, tapak perkhemahan dan port berfotografi aku! wahahaa!! Mesti arr windu wei!!

ST, hang ni nak kene ciskek ngan aku ek.

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