Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Blues

Ouhh, it's been more than a week since I left my workstation to enjoy whatever left of my annual leave - and heck, I still have some to carry forward to this year.

This morning, I woke up as early as 6AM to do what I call, MENTAL PREPARATION by turning and tossing on my bed for the next ONE hour! Haha.

And the moment I step foot into the office, I tried with all my strength to give heads-up to my colleagues while peeping through the glass door across the room to check if the dark cloud has arrived. Aaaa, I meant, my boss. Heh. To my delight, she had decided to work AWAY from the office, from her office space in her own shuwit condo! Yeahh!! 5% Monday Blues DOWN, 95% to go! Wahaha~ *kill kill, die die*

BUT nothing is WORST than to find that my freelance programmer is STILL MISSING IN ACTION!! Dem you IMRAN! You're jeopardizing not only your OWN reputation, MINE TOO! You're sooOooOOo RIGHT when you said before that, "ALL MEN ARE BASTARD". Ohh wait, not applicable to my brothers, my favourite cousin, and my boyfriend. Hehe. Boyfriend?? WHAT boyfriend?? Lalala~ (ouhh, another 5% DOWN! Yeahh!!)

Speaking of my favourite cousin, he'll be staying over tonight! Yeayy! Can't wait to apologize for some stupid things that happened last week, and FINALLY getting the special item delivered from his mum/dad to me from Indonesia! DOUBLE YIPPIE!!

OK - I'm STILL feeling lazy! Focus Jen, FOCUS!! We need to deliver some work by 5pm! DAMMIT MONDAY BLUES.

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