Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She’s Out of My League

I don’t know about you but I realize that there are way too many romantic comedy movies this year. One after another, bringing in star actors and actresses from all around the world, but all with a cliché: It will either be about A who likes B but A thinks he/she can never get a shot at B OR A meets B at the most inappropriate place and in the most inconvenient way, they start to hate each other but they keep bumping into each other and they would soon fall in love.

Oh, and most the time, one of them will have a returning ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or is currently engaged to the most annoying/useless/shitty person.

Introducing She’s Out of My League with two of the above cliché.

Meet Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel), the guy who works at the airport, not as a pilot but a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officer. Sounds like a cool job, huh? Naahh, basically that’s the guy who would scan you at the gates.

Now meet Molly (played by Alice Eve). Molly is a hot chick. She is also a party planner. While at the airport, she accidentally left behind her i-Phone and got Kirk to hold on to the phone for her. The next day, Kirk went to a party hosted by Molly to return the phone and he got into a mess at the party so Molly felt sorry and invited him to hockey game the next day and so yeay he got another date. *oh man, what a lazy sentence!*

At the game, Kirk found out that Molly is really into him. He got nervous and later consulted his crazy/psycho/mad friends. And they came up with the equation of "She's a hard 10, you're a 5, no way can a 5 date a 10," which is pretty much the basis of this movie.

So, does a 5 deserve a 10? I’ve mentioned before, the storyline is what we’ve seen time and time again. So forget the storyline, just sit back and enjoy a good laugh. The movie somehow reminds me of American Pie so that’s good enough. In fact, what I like about the movie is I enjoyed every character. Watch out for Stainer, one of Kirk’s best buddy – he is a wacko but a very interesting guy with a great sense of humor. Devon (also Kirk’s best buddy) on the other hand reminds me of Disney. Haha. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s his hair. Or the blue coat. Or Aladdin and Jasmine? LOL! Oh, and Kirk’s family! I couldn’t stop laughing at their expression when they first met Molly!

It isn’t a must-see movie (how often can you actually recommend a romantic comedy movie as a must-see LOL) but if you’re left between the movie ‘Knight and Day’ and this, go for THIS. I’m serious. I watched ‘Knight and Day’ last night and I was grumbling the whole time! Well, that’s another story altogether.

And by the way, this movie is a little too sexy for the kids, so it's for the 18 and above. *winks*

* Thanks to R.AGE for the invites!

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aurikelsan said...

She’s Out of My League - downloaded already.. macam tak berapa worth je nk tgk kt big screen

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

i'll listen to ur advice =)

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - most romantic comedy movies mmg seswai utk didonlod. haha..

@MsXeroZ - :)

NenekPenne said...

haaa kan..byk betul sekarang citer pasal tu..
i tengok KILLERS last time..ohhh sungguh tak best...tak best!!!!

pesal apa citer sekarang mcm tu yer? mmm mmm...alangkah bestnya i yang weak lil soul ni jumpa orang yang wahhh sooo macho yang i boleh rate 8/10..idok ler 10/10...

atreyu strange said...

@Nenek - Weak lil soul should stay away from romantic comedies! Tak baek utk pemulihan jiwa. =.=

NenekPenne said...

romantic comedy is remedy for my weak lil soul

its kind of cute when u tease me by that name..i'm cool

what? pemulihan jiwa? well its better than pemulihan akhlak..kan kan...

atreyu strange said...

@Nenek - Sbb u cool la *bluwekk* aku brani panggil camtu. =.=

Anonymous said...

the first time i saw the trailer of the movie when i went to catch robin hood, if i am not mistaken.

the trailer is what.. about 3 mins long? but yeah, you can guess EXACTLY what the movie's about and how it's gonna end, through and through.

the AMAZING THING WAS, the lame crowd was laughing hysterically at some lame jokes in the trailer, which got me thinking if i was the only one who didn't get the jokes.

but i got it alright. but they're not even near funny. what a lame ass crowd that was. pfttttt~!

atreyu strange said...

@J.Love - You have not seen/heard the crowd at the Knight and Day screening. I don't know if I'm cold-hearted or the crowd just don't get the movie. They laugh at things that I don't find humorous at all.

Oh wait, that's a diff movie altogether. Sheesh.

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