Monday, June 21, 2010

The Karate Kid


Here I am again with another post overdue. Heh.

Long, long ago (since this is an overdue post), I went to the premiere screening of The Karate Kid thanks to maybe-you-know-maybe-you-don’t-who. Now to skip long introduction and get to the point, here are some thoughts at the end of the movie:

Movie title
They say it’s a remake of The Karate Kid in 1984 but it appears more like a tribute or an acknowledgment of the legendary movie. This 2010 movie has nothing to do with Karate to begin with. It was KUNG FU all the way.

Jackie Chan
I never liked this guy. Personal grudge. Next!

Jaden Smith
Isn’t he the sweetest thing?! But I think he overplayed his character in the first scene where he was about to leave for Beijing. Probably he wanted to leave a good first impression but boy, you tried too hard! BUT as the movie progress, I think he became more comfortable and it seemed more natural for him to play the character. He's funny, witty and cute!

I thought the storyline was pretty obvious and laid back. Fight scenes were not too heavy for the heart or brain to accept. I heard some people leaving the cinema expressing their disappointment that there were not enough fighting scene. Hey, mind you again, this is NOT and has NEVER BEEN an action movie, okay? So if you’re expecting some shirt-soaked-in-blood scene, you’re at the wrong hall dude. This is for the kids, for the free-spirited teenagers, and for the working adults who just want to get their mind off work. Yeahh!

But one scene I can never understand is when Mr Han (Jackie Chan) talks about his past. I could not relate the importance of that scene to any part of the movie. Probably the directors thought, "Hey, let's play some emotions and show that there can be a special bond between Mr Han and Dre Parker (Jaden Smith)" and "Ohh, let's make Jackie weep like a baby!" and "Ahh, let's make Jaden pull Jackie to that corner and start practicing Kung Fu and whoosh, Jackie stops weeping!". Well, the directors thought WRONG. That scene was LAME, period. It wasted a good 15 minutes, thank you.

Minus that one LAME scene, I enjoyed the rest of the movie. I won't say it's a GRRREAT movie, but it's still worth watching! I'd rate this as 3.85 out of 5. Unlike Bounty Hunter, ergh, I won't even bother to conclude that movie in a single post because it’s just not worthy! Plus, this is Jaden Smith's first big screen appearance! If you have enjoyed watching Will Smith in the past, you will enjoy watching his lil' son. Jaden is so much like daddy! *winks*

* Going for the premiere screening of She's Out of My League tonight! Yeay!

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aurikelsan said...

ala...aku xsempat lg nk g tgk..

mama zharfan said...

hi there,

thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving ur comment there. i appreciate your contribution and observation ..dun get me wrong, i'm not saying that the organizers are discriminating in selecting winners, but i'm talking about the language factor, which is at average, non-Malays (like Chinese and Indian) are better in terms of command..of course there are many Malays with good command of English language around(and may be they are not compers)..

my apology for slight inaccuracy in saying'all main prize winners are chinse..' - it should read, all main prize-winners are non-Malays (ie Chinese and Indian) :) thanks for pointing that out!!

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - psst. tgk a-team arr.. hehe..

@mama zharfan - wrong place to discuss this. let's go back to your post, shall we? :p

Anonymous said...

Yea, dah gak cite ni.a-team ko dah tgk ker?aku x tgk lg.nk baca reviews sblm tgk :)

atreyu strange said...

@Anak Perak - Lom tgk A-Team. Tp ramai yg ckp best.

aurikelsan said...

announcing!!! cewaaahh~~~ dah tgk.... XD
instead of karate kid, the title should be kungfu kid
dre, dia blaja kungfu maa bukan karate

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - tu la pasal.. haha..

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