Friday, June 11, 2010

I just don't get you meleis

I was blogwalking and someone posted results of a contest organized by you-know-who. Three names. All Chinese. All whom I have visited their blogs in the past. And rest assure, they DESERVE THE EFFING WIN. They are a talented lot and definitely most creative. I envy them big time for being so imaginative with their entries. At times when I see them entering contest, I had to crack the juice out of my brain to beat them. And most of the time, I fail. Haha.

BUT YOU KNOW MELEIS. They see the races more than anything. I was EFFING ANNOYED when I saw some racist comments on that post simply on the basis that the winners were all Chinese. I don't know what goes through their effing mind. What, you meleis expect some kind of quota in the contest as well ke? C'mon la. If you don't deliver a good contest entry, you expect the organizers to make you a winner just to please you meleis???


Stupid meleis.

* Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas. Kalau tak rasa pedas, kau diam je, ok?
* Credits to Obefiend for the term 'meleis'. I do not want to be the subject of your "So Some F*cker Stole My Blog Content #XXX" series. LOL!

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.::WaNiE::. said...

kalau takat letak gambar sekeping dua posing cover cun belum tentu menang

kreatif kreatif kreatif !! some people sanggup buat post yg gile punye insane, hihihi baru la leh menang

deus X machina said...

meleis meleis meleis

Sakira said...

I so-so understand this ! When I was blogwalking during the LG long thingie was going on, and "they" were saying that you-know-who who conducted the contest is bias.
And when I check the entry of that person for that contest, takde pape pon ! Seriously nothing compared to the winners. Haha !

Cayenne said...

hoorayy! clap hands clap clap clap! =)

atreyu strange said...

@Wanie - Sbb tu aku cakap, learn from the winners. Haishh..

@Deus - Hello spambot.

@Sakira - Spot on babe! You read my mind!

@Cayenne - I want to take my Tebaloi crackers! Heh.

deus X machina said...

oi jen asal spambot lak

sHaH said...

meleis? sori coz i'm a bengong but wat is meleis? huhuhuh...

btw, checkout my new post @

atreyu strange said...

@deus - eh, bkn ke?? dah tu komen mcm spam jek. lalala~

@shah - go read up Obefiend's blog, ok? plenty of layman terms you could learn..

fresh said...

thanks so much for this, we really needed it :)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha nice direct to the point post =)
It is really effort counted not races rated =S
Only true participants will know about it

bryanlyt said...

well said. good one :)

atreyu strange said...

@fresh - i may not be in your shoes, i can only assume the pressure you're under, but i think i know how it feels. :)

@Tian Chad - if it gets the message across, why not just be direct, right? =.=

@bryanlyt - thank you.

THREE said...

Ohhhhhh I'm loving this! Finally something from another point of view... bila 'org sendirik' beri nasihat/kritik 'org sendirik', either that person kena kutuk "ko nie ape? dah x ngaku diri {insert-race-here} lagi?!" ...bila org lain beri nasihat/kritik 'org {insert-race-here}' it more often than not becomes a national issue. So HOW IN THE WORLD do these people expect to be educated, diSEDARkan pasal kesilapan diri if selalu cannot terima nasihat? Toleransi/integrasi my arse.

But the biggest issue with these {insert-race-here} is: you xmau bekerja, expect mau menang? you marah bila org lain yg lebih qualified menang? as if your own work tu masterpiece sangat. ever wonder why you punya hasil kerja owes end up in trashcan? owes expect kemudahan sedia ada or jatuh dari langit because you're such an 'exalted' race (makes you any different from Zionists? not that I'm being anti-Semetic suddenly, but kan YOU ALL jugak yg kutuk2 those ppl. take a good look at yourself, {insert-race-here})

wait hang on... was I late for this entry? bah at least its outta my system

I love you Jen, for being our voice. For daring to step up to say things we've always wanted to say, but (we) never dared, bcos of our reputation (and also bcos we're such hypocrites).

atreyu strange said...

@Three - LOL, Three. Do you HAVE to do the {insert race here} thingy when we all know that this post IS ABOUT {insert race here} a.k.a. the 'meleis'? But oh well, maybe it gives you the extra rage factor when you write it that way. Haha!

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