Thursday, June 24, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010 anyone?

I missed the MTV World Stage last year because I was in Beijing. I pretty much thought that it would not return to Malaysia ever again. But what do you know! MTV World Stage 2010 will be happening right here in Malaysia on the 31st of July! This year’s line-up includes Bunkface, Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry and Wonder Girls. Not as interesting as last year but what the heck, I’m game for it!

And what’s more interesting is I have got my passes to MTV World Stage 2010.

So how did I get my passes?

I won it. LOL!

The passes will not be on sale, so you gotta win them through various methods. One way to win it is via the MTV Asia World Stage website.

The passes will be given out at different time slots daily on the website. The time slots will be announced on the countdown clock on the HOME page. When the countdown strikes zero, you need to spot these two icons: ‘Junior’ or ‘Bee’; which will appear randomly on the top or the bottom of the site during these specific time slots.

Spot either one of them: Junior (the naked toyol) or Bee.

If you spot the icon, click it and answer a simple question about MTV World Stage (or the artists performing) and submit your details. If you get the answer correctly, a verification email will be sent to you to verify your personal details. Then just verify it, and walaa, you’ve just won yourself a pair of passes to MTV World Stage 2010!

It seems like an easy task but it’s not! I only won the passes during my Nth attempt. ‘N’ because I don’t know how many times I’ve tried previously! Your chances are pretty much slim because Junior and Bee does not land on each and everyone’s page. If you search in Twitter using the hashtag #worldstagemy, you will be overwhelmed by the frustration and angst of aggravated fans. Some has been trying since Day 1 of the contest and still have not won.

So how could I have won the passes?

I admit, I just got LUCKY.

There’s pretty much nothing you could do to ensure you WILL win the passes because the icons (Junior and Bee) will randomly land on someone’s computer screen. All you could do is click on every link in the website and pray that Junior or Bee will land in YOUR page.

Contest ends July 17, 2010 so you still have plenty of time to get lucky on the game! Meanwhile, STOP BEING SO WHINY. You might just win if you loosen up a bit.

* FlyFM is the official radio station for MTV World Stage 2010, so they will be giving out passes on air soon! Source: FlyFM on Twitter
* You can also head to Sunway Pyramid on 17 & 18 July for the MTV World Stage roadshow to score express lane passes. Source: KLue website

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NenekPenne said...

i ada event laa time tu..shape run at putrajaya, flagg off at 8.00 pm
anyway dear, enjoy urself...

hellioz said...


atreyu strange said...

@Nenek - Shape run tu amende? Mcm menarik je!

@Hellioz - kwelkambingbye

Anonymous said...

you seem to be winning a lot of things it's ridiculous!!!

but i am not interested to go anyway. hek hek hek not my kind of music. :D

atreyu strange said...

@J.Love - I got lucky this time. Huhu.

KeeMan said...

see, you're always lucky!!!

NenekPenne said...

shape run tu program lari2 kat putrajaya
i lari for fun jer...kalau nak bertanding, yaaa confirm confirm kalah...

pegi site.

k3i said...

win a pair of passes for me, then i'm in! hehe

atreyu strange said...

@KeeMan - Haha.. Owkay, guilty as charged for now!

@Nenek - Ok lah tu. Maintain awet muda. Erkk.

@k3i - No money no talk. HAHAHAHA!!!

suhaisweet said...

Very Nice dude..I ve got latest n3 too Check it out !! It's very cool, really ;D

atreyu strange said...

@suhaisweet - thanks BABE. and i will check out your blog soon BABE. ;D

::littleMissInvisible:: said...

wohooo! congrats~! another winner
suprisingly won it on my first attempt =D
nwdays its harder to win it..tats y u see alot of frustration going on =/

Lindy said...

Wow! You're lucky!! Congrats! I've been trying for like 3 days now. haha :D

MaryamJamilah said...

finally heh?~ hohhoh.. which one did you manage to caught? alien hitam? or bee yang degil takmo kuar?

atreyu strange said...

@littleMissInvisible - you are so SO LUCKY! congratz to you too!

@Lindy - thanks and don't give up just yet!

@Maryam - err.. alien hitam? huhu..

AkuKopiKauSiapa? said...

rasanya yang best mtv world stage ni ialah katy perry je. yang lain semua tak boleh pakai.

tapi still aku tak dapat free pass lagi.


bryanlyt said...

ooooh lucky lucky, you won Lenovo also right? haha congrats :)

atreyu strange said...

@AkuKopiKauSiapa - aku tetap suke line-up last year! hukhuk..

@bryanlyt - erm, that Lenovo win was suppose to be a secret here.. huhu.. =.=

fya zainal said...

owhhh u r so lucky...i've tryn a lot..hope i could be as lucky as u^^

atreyu strange said...

@fya - all the best babe!

Aye Zee said...

would like to win some, but no point.. had to work on that day. damn.

atreyu strange said...

@Aye Zee - Ahh. Kalu tak leh sing along lagu TH same2. Huhu.

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