Thursday, June 10, 2010

Break Free with DiGi party

I know, this post is way over due! But I can’t help going through a difficult phase as a blogger. I open my blog everyday feeling annoyed that I can’t think of any new post. Even if I have it drafted, my hands will itch and delete it soon after. Gaahh.. Can’t make up what’s wrong with me lately!

So yeahh, we had a DiGi party on the 29h of May at Ecoba, PJ Trade Centre. We were supposed to play dress-up but I didn’t. Apologies to Nuffnang and Digi for not adhering to the theme of Prisoners and Villains. Hehe. We were rushing from one place to another and we even thought that we were late for the Digi party. Turns out, we were among the earliest. LOL. If only I knew, I would have shopped for an outfit somewhere nearby!

During the party, we were expected to mingle around with the other bloggers who came. But because I was just so shy *haha* and embarrassed that I didn’t follow the party theme, I just sat at a corner with the boyfriend, enjoying drink and a casual chat. Sad case, I know. LOL.

We were also divided into teams for some activities. I was in the team Chicanos Burritos. In the first activity, everyone scattered at the park to find some missing lock codes to unlock our beloved emcee of the day, Miss Julie V.

One of my team members found 1 missing lock code. Unfortunately, another team found more than 1 lock codes, so they got the prize.

In the second activity, we were given three tasks via a Blackberry which we kind of ‘rented’ from the organizers with a certain amount of ‘deposit’. LOL. The three tasks were:

Come up with a team war cry using three keywords:
Freedom, RM68 and Smart Plan

Beg for mercy and ask for freedom

Perform a group prison dance
Guess who lead us on this? The boyfriend. LOL!

SURPRISINGLY, WE WON the second activity. We were such a laid back team, we were just having some fun, most of us didn’t even adhere to the party theme, didn’t even get to know each other closely, and WE WON. Haha. We got a really cool MAGLITE torchlight which I have bundled with my car key.

As promised by the organizers, two prizes were given away that night. Miss Debbeh won a HTC Legend for the best dressed. She did a great impersonation of Cruela DeVil from 101 Dalmation. Menjiwai watak aitelyu!

As for the best pre-event blog post, Jolyn won and walked away with a BlackBerry 9700!! T__T

In short, it was a great night. All you Chicanos Burritos dudes and babes, though it was a short meeting, it was a sweet one. See you all in the next event! LOL!

* All photos credit to Tian Chad. *He so nice let me steal all his photos!*
* Blog is now injected with Netherlands header in support of my favorite team since 1998. Go go Oranje!

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aurikelsan said...

oit..semangat world cup nmpk!!! XD

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - haha!

RedButtockz Wern said...

heyyy, haha ur post is finally up =D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

aisehman~ mood world cup ady.. no wonder no inspiration to blog!

atreyu strange said...

@Wern - Yeah. Very lazy lately. Still pending a few posts. =.=

@MsXeroz - LOL!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Chicanos Burritos rock =D
Thank you for sharing my photo too~ haha

atreyu strange said...

@Tian Chad - ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

i dah follow u =)

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Oh so many blogger went to this event..!!
Thanks for your visiting!
Nanged and clicked on ur adv..!!
Cya... Cheers!!

cik bit said...

sangat semangat n happy face doing d shake2
i could not stop laughing..hahhahhaa

kem salam kt d boipren..hahhahhaha

atreyu strange said...

@MsXeroZ - :)

@kelicious - cheers to you too!

@cik bit - dah memang fun babe!

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