Saturday, August 08, 2009

Greetings from Beijing peeps!

Ergh! It's a dreadful feeling when I could not get into blogspot today. Thanks CHINA, you're a GREAT host. Thanks for censoring so many of my favorite site. Oh btw, can you teach the Malaysian gov a thing, or two? They are MORE THAN HAPPY to follow your footstep because we bloggers don't say nice things. Haha. Ok, NO, DON'T teach them anything! Wawawa~

It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a proxy that could get pass China's censorship! Most proxies only allow me to view my blog, it doesn't allow me to manage the blog. What proxy I'm using? Hehe. That will be kept a secret until I get back to Malaysia! (I don't want the Chinese gov to find out and block it while I'm here!) Lalala~

Anyway, arrived in Beijing Capital Airport at almost 6:30am, and yippie, I found my way to the hotel by taking the subway! Huhu. Come to think of it, I feel safer taking the subway. I heard some people giving review about the taxi at the airport and it scares me! And the trains are fast. Something like our LRT.

After checking into a hotel, setting up connection, getting upset with censorship, taking a nap, I took the subway to Tian Anmen Square. However, since I thought I could use a tour guide (Yang Xi, I'm using you!), I decided that I should postpone my visit to The Forbidden City at the end of my trip. So then I took the subway to Wangfujing. Got to the streets and gosh, its a LOT OF PEOPLE! China is really crowded ehh. Anyway, I've got some stuffs for my mum and aunties. Unfortunately, I still haven't found anything for you and my siblings. Hmm..


* I almost miss my flight for CRYING! Lol.
* I miss you... :(

** Alignment of post is in haywire. No label assigned yet. Some things cannot be done in proxy. Sigh~

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