Monday, April 12, 2010

Be among the first to try iTalkWhoa!

Psstt. As I promised on Friday, I’m gonna tell you WHAT is iTalkWhoa and HOW you can stay connected with your friends abroad with minimal charges on calls and SMS. Plus, you can also send e-mails, SMS, check your friend’s Facebook and Twitter updates and even read your favorite news! You can do all that in just ONE portal without the hassle of logging into several websites.

Sounds interesting? You bet it is! Be among the first to explore this portal -->*

I was lucky to be the first few who found out about this portal and as one of the early birds; I received FREE RM 5 iTalk prepaid! Since there isn’t much hoo-haa on iTalk Whoa yet, I suggest you sign up NOW as I heard that the FREE prepaid will be given to the first 8000 users!

Some of the interesting features of iTalk Whoa and I would say useful to many of us are as below:

iTalk Whoa Mail
Once you sign up to iTalk Whoa, you will get your own e-mail address that ends with Cool! It also allows me to integrate my Yahoomail, Gmail or MSN into one webmail server, and I did configure one in my ‘Settings’. This application also has push capability so you can push your emails to your mobile phone!

Voice Call
This is also a web platform to use your iTalk prepaid and make calls! Local calls are charged at 10sen (fixed line) and 15sen (mobile) per minute.

Try calling the number on the screen if you dare.

You can make international calls to fixed and mobile line too. I know quite a number of Malaysian studying in Indonesia so this is pretty useful for mums and dads, boyfriends and girlfriends. Calls to Indonesia are charged at 26sen (fixed) and 33sen (mobile) per minute. Some international calls are dirt cheap! Call Singapore, Australia, USA and China at 5sen per minute! Oh man. Why didn’t this exist when I went to China last year?! I could have saved ALL MY MISERY of missing home and the boyfriend! T__T

Yep, you can send SMS to any phone (local mobile/international mobile/fixed sms). The charges are cheap too! AGAIN, WHY DIDN'T THIS EXIST WHEN I WENT TO CHINA LAST YEAR??!!!!

Just using this ONE portal, you can check your mail, make call to your loved one, send an SMS to a friend, and TWEET for the world to see!

Instant Messaging
Yep, you can log in to your Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN, and many more via this portal. I’ve logged in to my YM and tried chatting with some friends. Got to improve on the interface though. It looks plain and dull. Huhu.

CikPin learns some vulgar words for her daily curse.

Above are just some of its features. Takkan you want me to spoon-feed everything kan? So hurry while you can still register and receive your FREE iTalk prepaid! Registration is free. You just need to verify your ID and you’re all set to try out this new portal!

Once you have tried the platform, send me your feedbacks as I might send some of my own feedbacks to the developers too. I am somewhat skeptical about the things it said it can do and I will send them up for a challenge or two! Cewahh!

Ok lah, let’s bombard the now!

* is most compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and above.

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kenwooi said...

heard about it so much but havent tried =/

atreyu strange said...

@kenwooi - give it a try then! at least can get FREE RM5 credit mah.. huhu.

CikPiN said...

hei, kau telah menjatuhkan reputasi aku yang baik hati lagi penyayang serta tak bercakap kasar nih.

Anonymous said...

cant registered, user id has be taken... ("qwasvewtghwefrwe" user id already be taken too? waddee??)

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin - baik hati, penyayang dan tak bercakap kasar??? oh my!

@encikBoy - i know!!!!!!!! a few friends has reported the same problem too! hmm.. tgh tnya org TM ni. nnt ada jwpn, aku update blk! =.=

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