Monday, June 14, 2010


This is crazy! My aunt just called her aunt in SINGAPORE using MY INTERNET LINE and they spoke for 30 MINUTES, and she was laughing and giggling on the phone with her aunt, and I was just standing by her side waiting to update my Facebook status, and AND she just COMPLETELY IGNORED ME!!!

I’m fed up! Blame it on iTalkWhoa! WHY SO CHEAP LA WEI?? 9 sen per minute to call Singapore?? No wonder my aunt can’t get off the headset! RAGE RAGE RAGE!!

WAIT. Is there anyone here who is still not aware of iTalkWhoa??? If there are, WHOA, where have you been??! Check out my previous post on iTalkWhoa. It does wonders. You can read/send e-mails, update twitter, chat, send SMSes, and call anyone, anywhere at a very cheap rate! All you need is to top up your iTalkWhoa with iTalk prepaid card.

Anyway, after raging alone, haha, I called the boyfriend to vent out my anger. Psst, I called him using the iTalkWhoa portal! Heh. Only 18 sen per minute to call any fixed or mobile line ANYWHERE in Malaysia. Gaaahhh.. No wonder my aunt so happy calling Singapore! It has a cheaper rate! Mana boleh ni!

The call interface; simple.

So we talked and talked like there’s no tomorrow and suddenly I realized, hey, the call quality is not bad, eh? The boyfriend said he heard some noise coming from my end, but he was still able to hear me clearly. I also told the boyfriend that calling Singapore only costs 9sen per minute. He gasped because his mum uses iTalk card too but the cost to call Singapore is at 10sen per minute. I chuckled because I know for a fact that calls made via a phone and the internet differs by 10% in cost!

Here’s how it is:

Using the phone to make a call to Australia will cost you 33 sen per minute (fixed line), whereas using the iTalkWhoa portal to make the same call will cost you only 30 sen per minute (fixed line). You could save a lot by using the portal! Imagine if you spoke for an hour on the internet. You could save RM1.80! *if my maths is not rusty lah.

Anyway, look at some of the rates above. Pretty cheap, huh? Call China at 11 sen per minute. Yeah, I know why I keep emphasizing on China in my last two posts about iTalkWhoa. I’m just so frustrated that iTalkWhoa did not exist back then when I was in China! Else, calling back Malaysia will be so cheap! Ok, ok, I know I went to China for only 7 days, but STILL! I miss the boyfriend home! =.=

Ergh. Gotta go. My aunt wants to call her aunt in India pulak! Sheesh. So many aunts all over the world!

Oh by the way, above are only few of the countries that you can call via iTalkWhoa. For a full list, log on to today! Cewahh. Like advertisement gitu!

Ok, cao. Need to go rage at that corner nao!

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hellioz said...

rajen btol lu review mende2 neyh
review blog gwa plak ah


atreyu strange said...

@hellioz - aku buat review berbayar je. lu nak aku review blog lu, lu bayar la sekupang dua kupang. ni baru betul jana income melalui blog.


aimar said...

Bile nak call aku lagi nih..

cik bit said...

ko x call aku pon T_T

atreyu strange said...

@aimar - mlm nnt! huhu.

@cik bit - ye lah.. nnt aku call.. tp lepas aku call, ko sign up iTalkWhoa, ok? heh heh heh..

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