Monday, February 01, 2010


What a late update. But, it's never to late to wish Happy Thaipusam to all my Hindu family and friends, and Happy Birthday Lord Murugan.

I did not follow the chariot procession this year because it fell on a working day, but we went to Batu Caves on Saturday to join in the celebration. It was a really hot Saturday morning, crowd was pouring in, chantings were high, and DSLR was at every corner. But I wasn't carrying one. Haha.

Was hoping to see some Indian rempits and Indian mak nyah with their anak ikan tapi tak jumpe. Haha. Ok, that was mean.

But seriously, I found many last year! Erk.

* Shoot, what a short update. And lacking the emotion to blog.

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THREE said...

Happy Thaipusam. Its unfair we still don't have the holiday in Borneo. The population census people should REALLY update their database.

...oh wait... hang on... *finger to earpiece CIA-style*'s not electronic yet? K nvm.

deusXmachina® said...

ramai betul manusia

ermmm tak ada patung besar najib ke

luq said...

selamat hari thaipusam la yer..

atreyu strange said...

@Three - thanks. eh, kl pun manede holiday la. kebetulan this year saturday, ok la.

@deusXmachina - haha. ada satu poster najib pakai kalung bunga. BESAR GILER. adik aku yg tunjuk, siap gelak2 dulu baru leh continue jalan. =.=

@luq - thanks!

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