Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Dream Proposal: Falkor SK Project

Hi, my name is Falkor. My owner is Atreyu. She's a lazy, good-for-nothing biaatcchh who doesn't understand me at all! Erk.

It's the first week of the month, I've just settled some payments and right now, I'm just so effing broke. I can't wait for March to come to start off with this proposal that was first drafted and inspired by the boyfriend LAST YEAR. Haha. IF ONLY I won a lottery or found money stashed in a bag somewhere in the toilet with a tag that says 'For Jen'- okay G.R.O.S.S, the below is so gonna happen to my Falkor!

Stage 1
  • 15” rim and new tire
  • Spark plug
  • Relocate Gas Paddle
  • Plug Cable

Stage 2
  • GreenCool Tinted [Approx. RM200]

Stage 3
  • Slotted and Drilled Disc Rotor (front) [Airline, RM280]
  • Twin pot Disc Rotor (rear) [Drex, RM450]

Stage 4
  • GAB adjustable absorber [Drex, RM1700]
  • Gabriel absorber [Zenden , RM -]
  • GAB sport spring [Drex, RM420]

Stage 5

Seriously important for safety reasons. It saved the bf, saved Melvin, saved an SNC member - and it's uber cool too! Lol!
  • Ultraracing Front Strut Bar
  • Ultraracing Rear Strut Bar
  • Room Bar
  • Rear Lower Bar

Stage 6
  • Custom complete exhaust system [Weng Heng, RM800]
  • Mythelogy Crank Pulley [Stella]
  • Works Cam Pulley [Stella]

Stage 7
  • Works Fuel Pressure Regulator [Drex, RM360]
  • Pivot Voltage Stabilizer + Grounding wire

Stage 8
  • High cam [-, RM1200]
  • Polished Throttle Body + PDT [Busu, RM250]

Stage 9
  • High Compression Piston [Busu, RM800]

Stage 10
  • Paint job: Spectra Blue Mica

Oh well, reality check, it's just a DREAM. I am not gonna win any lottery, and definitely no chances to stumble upon a bag stashed with cash! How can I redeem luck? By running after a tiger?? Sob sob.

* If you're not stupid, this entry is for a contest. Again, the condition is; IF you're not stupid.

16 other story teller(s):

Badak Comel said...

kalau banyak duit,
ape ade hal..
boleh aje.
lau xde, juz berangan aje la..

deusXmachina® said...

berangan jek

atreyu strange said...

@Badak Comel - tengah berangan lah ni. =.=

@deusXmachina - akan ku buktikan satu hari nnt! (ko tggu la lagi 2-3 thn)

farra8979 said...

lor, berangan rupenye...

theeggyolks said...

wow~ you really love your car :D good luck in the contest :D

atreyu strange said...

@farra8979 - angan2 yg tidak mustahil. hehehe.

@theeggyolks - pay with my own salary mah. huhu.

CikPiN said...

huh.. baby aku yang bes walaopun cc kecik gile, Jeremy Clarkson buat main pukul2 ngan tukul je **sob.sob.

Dah, nak pegi emosi kejap. Ko jangan nak kutuk beliau. beliau dah bawak kite jalan-jalan merata walaupun beliau busuk.

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin - Jeremy Clarkson???!!!! Jap. Nak gi gelak sambil guling2...

Woitt!! Kalu dah nama Melayu, panggil Fairusz sudahlah!!!

CikPiN said...

weh, Jeremy Clarkson tu presenter top gear da..

nama baru beliau belum decide lagi. Adiwarna bunyi klasik dan hebat. Bley layan ta?

k3i said...

kodok wat hal lagi... speedometer xmo naik, ABS alarm xmau padam, handbrake pun xmau pdam!! aku siyes nak pijak2 sampai penyet kodok itam tu!!! erghhh!!!

pst, rompak kedai kete jom??? haha

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin - itu kan rancangan tv. mesti la menyengat kalbooo~

kasik nama MatKool ok gak. erk888. *pinjam jap*

@k3i - rompak kedai kete susah nk nyorok kete tu wei. ape kate kite rompak kedai spare part, kedai tayar dan yg sewaktu dgnnya. amik brg pastu terus masuk kete. haha.

sonnykazu said...

wow... big dream... :)
my "banned" mean kena larang pandu kreta lo...

atreyu strange said...

@sonnykazu - big dream calls for BIG MOOLAH too! haha!

yeahh, i know what "banned" means LITERALLY. but WHY were you "banned", now that's the question! heh.

Aus said...

utk contest..
good luck wei !

ARC™ said...

goodluck juge!sokongan daripada aku dan aus haha

atreyu strange said...

@Aus - eh ko terasa ngan ayat terakhir kat entri ni ke?? huhu. bukan ditujukan utk readers mcm korg tau. utk readers yg mcm taik masuk sini buat hal. uhuk2..

@ARC - ye, time kasih. korg mmg takleh dipisahkan. =.=

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