Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thanks to Luvly Mya, I have finally installed the LinkWithin widget without further procrastination! What's that? Ouhh, it's that thing were you get to see a few related posts below each post in the form of thumbnails. Get it?

All you gotta do is, go to LinkWithin's website. Find the box like below. Fill in the details, and it will prompt you to install the widget.

From then onwards, just follow the simple steps as given by the site. Like seriously simple wtf.

And walaa! Here is an example:

Ouhh, you might wanna customize the text that appears above the widget because surprisingly, the automated text would be "Anda mungkin juga meminati:". Ehh, in Malay language? It probably recognized my blog as a Malay blog or something? Whatever it is, I changed mine to "Have you not fallen asleep bla bla.." to add more personalization to this blog. If you wanna add your own text, just go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Page Elements>your LinkWithin widget, and add the line below to your HTML code. Eh, this one for Blogger aaa..

Okay, done. Let's grab some lunch people! Ikan masin with sup sayur. Wah wahh!!

*It doesn't matter where the widget is in your Page Element, somehow it'll appear below your post.

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Cayenne said...

wuhhh! i want this in my blog too!

atreyu strange said...

@Cayenne - It's so easy to install!

deus X machina said...


atreyu strange said...

@deus - xmo letak ke?

Extremist Thinker said...

haha. nk lagi cantik. up dua tiga belog. tp install script kat len2 belog. macam akoo buat. hits naik owhhh!

atreyu strange said...

@ET - ko dah hebat. ape la nak dibandingkan dgn blog picisan mcm ni. hukhuk..

~ ALIEN ~ said...

wow! thx...ade gak kelainan kat LinkWithin aku...hehehe

(blog skema giler tahap gaban)

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