Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was craving for Nasi Kerabu last week and thanks to the boyfriend, I had my cravings satisfied on Sunday! Although I did complain about the the rats I saw on one of our visit to the stall, I must say it was quite good. *Or izzit because of the rats that it tasted good?! @#$%^&*

Blue coloured rice is a must!

One day later, I was craving for Kung Pao Chicken. =.=

Kung Pao chickenTooooooooooooo delicious!!

So now, how lah, the boyfriend?

Kim Possible's Puppy Pout

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Aus said...

aku dah lame xmakan nasik kerabu..
hahaha .

aurikelsan said...

tetiba aku pun jangkit craving nasi kerabu gakk.. bestnyer kalau dpt makan nasi kerabu golok yg femes kt kota bharu..

Kung Pao Chicken tue apa? ayam kena kungfu ke? hehe

aiza said...

awk tau tau x...nasi krabu is blue in color bcoz of the extract got from morning glory petals.
i knew this from my rumet...
tok mah dier klantanese...

im followed u~

Cayenne said...

hmm. i think i never had nasi kerabu before. gawd.. my first to see blue rice. haha. where can i get it?

atreyu strange said...

@Aus - Kat Kg Baru mcm2 ada!

@Aurikelsan - Xpernah ke KB. Bwk lah aku! Haha.

@Aiza - Ouhh? Really? Selama ni aku tgk org letak pewarna biru jek. Hahaha..

@Cayenne - You can get it at almost any Pasar Malam. Or in Kg Baru. Not too sure abt all the fancy restaurants in shopping malls. But I'm pretty sure it won't taste as good as tepi jalan stalls.

If you REAAAALLLLLYYYY wanna try, you can always ask me!

Anonymous said...

Nasi Kerabu is what ah? Nasi with a fish called Kerabu? Noob here!

BTW y u need to be down? Come and participate the contest. It's open for all! =)


atreyu strange said...

@Joshua - Nasi kerabu...err.. normally got a combination of fresh & raw veges like bean sprouts, long green beans, cucumber, lemongrass, lime leaves - all grated. Then eat with salted fish, dried prawns, keropok, fried grated coconut, ayam goreng, ikan goreng, or ayam sambal. Wahh. So much choices! But what makes it really tasty is the special sauce they have for Nasi kerabu.

I want to participate in those contests. But I'm not as creative as you maah.. =.=

♥SYAFIQAH ♥ said...

suka gler nasi kerabu..nak sket..nek sket..huhu

Frazi A said...

lps baca entry ni, trus keesokkan harinya, ada org blanja ak mkn nasi kerabu dgn ayam bakar..waaa..sodap..

atreyu strange said...

@SYAFIQAH - sila beli sendiri! hehe.

@Frazi A - wah. dgn ayam bakar yg x menahan tu!!

luqman afiq razali said...

me too
kat shah alam ade restaurant nasi kerabu sedap giler..
everytime pegi mall tu makan nasi kerabu instead of mcD n kfc

atreyu strange said...

@luq - katne tu?! aku kat shah alam gak! nak tau mane!

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