Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday 2: DON'T Whack Your Boss!

I don’t know about you, but I woke up hoping that it’s Sunday again but to my dismay, it’s Monday! Sigh.

But THANK GOODNESS, the boss did not come in for work today! Apparently, she’s over the sea. Yeay!

Ouhh, you’re not feeling as relaxed as I am? Your boss came in to the office with a bad mood? Did your boss perform a post-mortem on work progress and find you least improving? You’re so annoyed with your boss you feel like whacking your boss?

Here’s where you can do it without harming any soul!

How to play the game:

STEP 2: Wait for the boss to walk into the office. Imagine that’s your boss.
STEP 3: Let him talk while you browse around your cubicle to pick up a suitable object.

Objects around your cubicle that turns orange when you mouse over can be used.

STEP 4: Click on the object and enjoy the moment. I suggest you start with something light for your view such as the monitor. Stapler on the desk is way to harmful for first-timers!
STEP 5: When you’re done whacking, click on CLEANER to start all over again and pick another object!

So, don’t go let out your frustration on another colleague, your spouse, the girlfriend or the boyfriend. Let out your frustration through means that will not torture another person; mentally or physically. Hehe.

*Bloody crazy ai tel yu!

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CikPiN said...

bos aku da pulang dari burma. cerita pasal barang kemas yang murah. nasib baik aku tak suke barang kemas

Anonymous said...

my boss also did not come in today.. but I'm a bit messed up with a guy in the lift today.. lucky me, it's monday.. so, blamed it to Monday.. lol!

deus X machina said...

aku bos kepada diri aku sendiri skang

atreyu strange said...

woit, woit, MAIN FLASH tu lah korg! penat2 aku karang entri.

aurikelsan said...

bos aku asyk membebel je kt sume org arini..

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - i suggest you gunakan objek stapler ataupun dinding cubicle blkg boss you!

errr.. mksd aku dlm flash game tu.. ko jgn wat btol2 lak! =.= said...

i fried sotong for my boss! haha

nanged u.OMG, I received 144 million from saddam hussein!!! Nang this to read about it!

aurikelsan said...

yahooo..mlm td dgn jayanya tlh menggunakan segala benda yg ada utk belasah bos aku tuh..wehh arini bos aku xdtg..die masuk icu ke??

blowie said...

gunting tu kejam! haha

atreyu strange said... - so good.

@aurikelsan - ko ingat ni voodoo ke!

@blowie - kejam! tp sgt best kan bila tgk? haha!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha your gay!!!!!

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