Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Break

Today is Wednesday; and I am experiencing the Wednesday Blues. How about you? Oh, you’re still on holiday? You memang lebey! Hukhuk..

Anyway, I hope it’s not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese aunties, uncles, cousins and Malaysians. I hope that the Year of Tiger will bring more joy and prosperity, great health and ggrrrrreat fortune!

And more thanks to Chinese Malaysians; we have two public holidays dedicated for them, thus giving me more time to enjoy the long-stretched-weekend! Ehehehe…

Now here’s to share with the world what I did during the CNY break.

Ome got Engaged!

Congrats babe! Sorry we were ALL late. Blame it on the boyfriend, please. Heh.

She is not Ome.

She is not Ome either.

Here’s Ome. No, not the one with the flowers again! Haha!

Fireflies Kg Kuantan

Before heading back to KL from Kuala Selangor where Ome’s engagement took place, we stopped at Kg Kuantan to watch fireflies along the riverbank. At RM 40 per sampan (max. 4 person, but kids can nego-nego lah), you get to watch thousands of fireflies flashing their lights in a synchronized manner. It’s like watching hundreds of flashing Christmas trees.

They; who enjoyed the most.

The fireflies are such quite creature. It felt so calm to be WITH them. No words can describe how I felt that night. Not even Owl City’s lyrics! It was just an innocent feeling. Aah, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Surf Bike in Taman Tasik Perdana

It was a boring Monday morning when the boyfriend suggested that we go for a movie. Since the GSC online ticketing was not available temporarily (server always down eh!), we made our way to Berjaya Times Square only to be disappointed that the movie tickets for Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief was sold out. What a waste of our parking fee!

Disappointed and annoyed that we have not been able to watch ANY movie together for the past one month or so, we finally decided to kayaking in Taman Tasik Perdana. But upon reaching the lake, we changed our decision and settled for the surf bike.

It was fun and a great work out for the lazy bumps! LOL!

Sg Gabai Waterfall, Hulu Langat

This trip was totally UNPLANNED of. My butt still hurts from sliding down the rocks. Haha!

So, how was your Chinese New Year break?

14 other story teller(s):

Sesumpah said...

waisey rempit atas air bes gilaaa


isha said...

cine raye kite pon raye

atreyu strange said...

@Sesumpah - stylo siot merempit atas air! hahaha...

@isha - semua festival pun aku excited! heh.

aurikelsan said...

i think i saw ur face in the 'Nuffnangers Run To Win Towards the Year of the Tiger!' that really u?? waahhh..smgt btul muka nak lari..

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - ahak. yer, mmg aku. tp malang, de 3 org pompuan yg lebih gagah perkasa dari aku. hukhuk...

weh update blog la wei. razi pun dah start update tu!

Aus said...

kau g sg gabai ke..
bst gk ek
ade tmpt slide2 tu..

k3i said...

yup! still on holiday! hows dat?? hahahaha..

* Hmm....esok nak g ronggeng mana plak eh? :P

atreyu strange said...

@Aus - adik aku yg kecik leh turun naik slide tu tanpa henti! sonok btol dia. huhu.

@k3i - bencilah!

THREE said...

my gawd you actually HAD a holiday. a REAL one. a VACATION! like actually DID something on this 3-day break while the rest of us lazed around in bed. damn now i wish i actually did something coz now its back to work. didnt even feel like a holiday for me.

oooooooh Fireflies... serene surreal feeling and that Owl City song is just lovely uplifting.

and final word... and you know i HAVE to: yarabbi AYU BTOL KO DLM MAJLIS BERTUNANG!!!! bawa bunga lagi tuhhh... bwahahahahahaha
(you know i HAD to) :P

atreyu strange said...

@THREE - I was just planning to go on a REAL holiday next week when I read your comment... This is what you consider a REAL holiday? A vacation?? Dude, get out more!

Ergh, that last paragraph hurts. There goes my emo facade. Screw you!

THREE said...

bwahahahahahahahaaaaaaa ...well ur taking a break anyway, so it was a day to get traditional, and less emo. its not that bad really. memang AYU lah :P


yeah to me that was like full utilization of CNY break. I'd be damn lucky to find the time to spend it like that, so yeah its a real holiday for me :P

waaaaaaaaa i really need a real REAL vacation

Eyriqazz said...

congratz ome..

Places for holidays said...

Really want to experience fireflies scenery but never had a chance.. perhaps someday.. :)

atreyu strange said...

@THREE - I never took a break after my studies, so yeahh, ,gotta utilize whatever public holiday there is.

@Eyriqazz - Thanks, on behalf of Ome. Hehe.

@Places for holidays - If you're nearby, just drop by Kuala Selangor k!

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