Friday, February 19, 2010

An Honest Testimonial about Kotex Style

This is not an advertorial nor a campaign. I just wanna share with you the choice of sanitary pad that I use because I am totally satisfied with this choice!

Kotex Style has been in the market for several years now, but back in high school, I’m pretty sure it’s not on the shelf yet. So in the past, I’ve tried many other brands. Some are cheap, some are expensive. The expensive ones are normally good, but hey, I was a school-goer and OBVIOUSLY I have other things to spend on.

People who are familiar with the way I live my life knows that I can hardly sit still, not doing anything. If my limbs are not moving, my mouth will certainly do. Haha. So, I kinda hate it when my period comes because I feel confined to move freely and if I do, it comes along with discomfort. I have to do a regular check up at the toilet to see if everything was OK coz I kinda feel wet and dirty down under. This is especially annoying if I am preparing myself for a game, tournament, or simply exercising.

A year ago, I came across Kotex Style and decided to give it a try since it wasn’t overpriced. What’d you know, I loved it! It was very comfortable because it breaks down your heavy flow and absorbs it underneath the upper layer. So you won’t feel wet or damp down under at all. You feel dry and most importantly, secured!

Also, I use to have a problem with pad leakage. Hate when that happens especially at night because you wake up to a horror of seeing blood stains on your pants. So, whenever I get my period, I have to resolve to practicing only two sleeping positions. I can’t do much of freestyle sleeping. In the morning, I wake up feeling dissatisfied with my sleep as if it has been disturbed. Now you guys know why your girlfriend’s get PMS during the menstruation period!

But after using Kotex Style’s slim wing, the problem had NEVER occurred!

Talk about satisfaction. It never felt better!

Note:- Kotex Style comes in two options only: Slim (Wing, Non-Wing) and Overnight (Wing only).

* Like I said, this is not an advertorial, but JUST IN CASE any Kotex representative reads this and feels like I deserve a year supply of Kotex Style Slim Wing, you are more than welcome! Haha!

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Najwa_La said...

jen..betul ke? best ke kotex style tu? aku selalu pakai whisper ultra thin je... tebal x? wah, kao na dapat free supply tu melampau. suoh die bagi aku sekali lah...

part bwh sekali tak paham. care to explain? lg 1, da update blog. wuuwwww!

DeeDee said...

all this while i guna kotex dri-comfort yg overnight tu sbb heavy flow jugak.

will definitely try yg ni pulak! :D

atreyu strange said...

@Najwa - Beb, ni slim punya beb. Aku dulu pakai jenis maxi gak. But I found that if we use slim, it's more comfy. And less pad movement - so it prevents leakage. And although I get heavy flow ms awal period, this Kotex Style yg slim punya boleh tampung beb. Haha. Sbb dia absorb, so kita tak rase uncomfy.

Part last of this entry, boleh diabaikan. Only applicable to a certain website which I could not log into anymore because I never wanted to connect the site to my Facebook.

@DeeDee - aku pun heavy flow. but like i've told najwa above, this slim one dah cukup utk menampung jumlah flow. heh.

Frazi A said...

jen ak x gna kotex...hehe

Anonymous said...

frazi ------->nosy!! hehe
atreyu strange: for some makcik2, issue tuala wanita sgt sensitif..malu if other people know apa diorg pakai.. I met some of them..

gudluck..nnt aku vote ko jd duta kotex style but 1 more thing --->expensive than regular kotex


atreyu strange said...

@Frazi A - kan dah kene 'nosy' ngan Suria!

@Anonim a.k.a Suria - sampai skrg ni, ada makcik2 (tak kurang juga remaja) yg mtk balut ngan paper lepas beli kat kedai. heh.

eh, a few cents expensive je lah beb!

and, knp kau malas sgt nk log in nih???

charles said...

Cheers...useful enough

Jard The Great said...

ku pengguna setia kotex .. hihihi

Anonymous said...

dulu yer la pengguna setia kotex, sejak dr 1st period smpai la saya jumpa herbal pad... saya dh x guna lagi kotex;)

Najwa_La said...

balut dengan newspaper lama jangan bagi nampak, konon malu benda dalam kain orang tengok. Makcik-makcik tu tak sedar anak bujang dia tengok lagi macam-macam dari benda yang dia bungkus tu!

atreyu strange said...

@charles - thanks.

@Jard - tahniah!

@ReD - oh, sila promote herbal pad. hihi.

@Najwa - hah, benar sungguh!

ok, nak pi tonton ai. cao dulu!

Aus said...

aku slalu pakai boxer saje..
tggu kotex ade brand utk laki..

atreyu strange said...

@Aus - adehhh... ke situ lak dia...

Frazi A said...

uishh, apa la surya ni kata ak nosy plak..haruslah ak mencaras belog2 kalian..heee..

aus:woi!apa kes hang cita pasal boxer sgala nih..wakaka..nsib baek boxer je..jgn benda2 lain sudey..

p/s: terbayang korby semasa tiduurr...waaaa

atreyu strange said...

@Frazi A - ape benda2 lain yg aku MUNGKIN/HARUS tau???? O_o

p.s. Corby ta penah tido. Kesian ta aku dera dia? MIAAAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

aurikelsan said...

jen- aku curik guna pc kt opis, mane leh log in, kantoi nnt..tue pn jenuh dh clear history kehkehkeh bos sume xde oustation..aku jdk bigbos hehe

aurikelsan said...

aus:ada hati plak nk pakai kotex..err nk bubuh mane tah..???

Aimar said...

Pakai kotex ke, sanita ke, kalau period bad mood gak..

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - oh, punch card to berbelog. biasa lah tu! haha.

@aimar - syg, ai x kira period x period, ai mmg emo ok! ahaa.

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