Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Color Me Corby

I had a weird dream last night. I was Candace (Nickelodeon’s Phineas and Ferbs cartoon character). I think I’ve been watching too much cartoon. And worst, I was talking to a phone! No, not talking on the phone WITH SOMEONE at the other end talking. I was really talking to a phone! You don’t get me?


A phone was talking to me! Yikes~

To be precise, a Corby phone was talking to me. Yeahh, that's the latest mobile phone from Samsung. Comes in four vibrant colours - Jamaican Yellow, Minimal White, Cupid Pink and Festival Orange. Ergh. I must be thinking too much about the Corby phone!

I tried to recall as much as I can about the conversation with the PHONE (sounds reeeaaallly awkward!), well, this is more or less the conversation…

That Cupid Pink Corby is pretty annoying, eh? Hell yeah, it was! But you know what’s more amusing then the conversation? The colors in my dream. It was DAMN close to reality! When I woke up that morning, I wondered if the conversation REALLY took place!

But just to clear the air here okay, I DON’T LIKE PINK. I’m not in denial. I just happen to have a few pink in my wardrobe (lingerie included). *gulp*


For the record, I still have a BROWN t-shirt tucked underneath my pink cardi! Huh!

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Aidi-Safuan said...

hahaaha...cool entry!
u still love pink!

Stefanie said...

Not bad! It's a creative post! :)
Good luck!

atreyu strange said...

@Aidi-Safuan, NOOOOOOO!! I like brown! T_T

@Stefanie, thanks!

CikPiN said...


tak seswai la nyah.. haha

phatgurl said...

kewl nye entry~!

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin, tu lah! Berkali2 aku cakap kat Corby aku tak suke pink! Huhu..

@phatgurl, thx babe! Tahniah menang contest Mr Potato tu. Hehe.

Ries Lee said...

kreatif la!

pink color melemahkan aku.

atreyu strange said...

@Ries Lee, erk, cuba terangkan sket camne lak pink kaler itu melemahkan?? Mcm Superman yg jadi lemah sebab kriptonite plak! Cess~

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