Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Until I stop thinking about the Haiti earthquake, I can't begin to write a jovial blog post like the Corby Carnival summary, or the LG phone contest. Every where I turn, it's about the disaster that shook Haiti. I seriously feel very uneasy about this.

I guess those entries have got to wait until I sort my head out.

I'm gonna dig something out tonight. No, not the taik hidung.

Until then, please, please, please, kamu jangan nakal DONATE HERE.

************* Update 22/01/2010:

So anyway, after digging in the closet, I found this dress that I've bought for my sister's college dinner or something. She NEVER wore it. In the last minute, they changed the theme, so red wasn't an option anymore.

Sorry for the bad picture quality. But I assure it's one heck of a dress for the evening!

So, I'm gonna put it up on sale here. Let's see if anyone wants to buy it. Price tag was at RM 50 and so is now. You can bargain with me, but just bare in mind that ALL PROFIT will be donated to the Haiti Fund that was set up by UNICEF. So, if you think you want to help in someway or another, let's just leave it at RM 50, okay?

You give the RM 50, you get the dress, and some 100 children in Haiti gets one packet of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) each so they don't die.

Do we have a deal here?


* Interested individuals can leave your trail in the comment section below, or reach me via e-mail at atreyustrange[at]
* COD in Klang Valley only. Postage to other states will be on me!
* Copy this url: and drop it everywhere you go to help me spread the love!

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CikPiN said...

jangan nakal? heh

::aMaD:: said...

good buisness to help the poor haiti children. hope u get a good profit and share with them. :)

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin - Uhh, kantoi!

@Amad - Haha. I wouldn't call it BUSINESS though. But hey, if you know anyone interested, let me know!

UNICEF Malaysia said...

Thank you for supporting the UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal.

atreyu strange said...

@UNICEF Malaysia - Thank you for dropping by! I hope someone would by this dress. :)

Sweet Thinker said...

\( )_( )/ xjual ke?

atreyu strange said...

@ST - jangan merepek boleh? Huhu.

Anonymous said...

is it still available? (ok, not for me...)

atreyu strange said...

@encikBoy - yep! i still have it! you nak ke? eh, i mean, you nak beli utk sesape ke? hahahaha!

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