Friday, January 22, 2010

Rundown: Color Me Corby Carnival

As promised, this is the wrap up post of the Color Me Corby Carnival which has taken place on the 16th of January, 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park. Here's the entry I wrote to gain entry to this carnival.

Everyone was really excited. When I got my goodie bag, I was pretty disappointed that I did not get the orange t-shirt. I got a white t-shirt instead. Haha. Ok, that was A LIE. C’mon, WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE IN THE ORANGE TEAM AT THIS POINT???

So anyway, we were divided into four teams; the distinction by Samsung Corby colors. Introducing;

Lucky thing they provided breakfast for us. I was starving; hence the empty sandwich box in the picture below. Haha.

I took part in the first and second game. First game requires us to tie a balloon around the ankle; then charge towards the opponent team and try to burst their balloon by stomping on it; to which the organizer later decided hands can be used as well. I sustained a slight bruise on my knee, nothing major.

So as you see in the picture above, we have the yellow team going against the pink team and a red shirt - oh shhiaaattt, forgot to introduce! Introducing our excellent emcee of the day:

Next game is tarik tali in the water! We lost in the first round, but won the second round. Super excited about getting wet (although I did not bring any change of clothes!).

Then, off we go to the wall climbing section. I did not try this game though coz I thought, “LET’S LEAVE IT TO THE PRO BEBEH!!” And our team managed to grab THREE, I repeat, THREE BALLOONS when suddenly the organizer decided to change the rules here. (Team Yellow, take note here; as you are not the only team that FEELS you were judged unfairly).

BUT you know, being the modest, kind, calm, gentle, soft-spoken and peaceful team that we are (stop puking, will you?), we just abide by the judge’s decision and let loose. Besides, we gotta show Nara yang sibuk kontrol macho sana sini that we're such cool people. Ohh, such an adorable team we make! *giggles*

I believe that the final game is the most awaited game. Oh c’mon, who doesn’t want to hurt another being in a game of PAINTBALL??!! That’s plain quack, quack, chicken and duck quack! Almost everyone in my team wanted to play. Although I was picked to play, I decided to switch my place with another team member. Seeing some disappointed face is what I dislike most especially when we’re suppose to enjoy the moment. As they say, “Giving is better than taking”. And it DOES feel better. *Gosh, I'm so adorable - haha!*

So, at the end of the day;

Orange team went home with a brand new Samsung Corby each.
Yellow team went home with much bruises; mentally – so I’ve heard.
Pink team pretended like nothing happened.
White team was missing in action.


We went to have some fun playing archery, flying fox, and kayaking! After all, it’s FREE ADMISSION BEBEH!!! And a great way to mend a broken heart for not winning the Samsung Corby. Gaaaahhh!!!


Pictures credit to:
Shahroll Photography, Vivien S., Nuffnang Fan Page, Google Image Search.

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si hitam manis said...

bestnye...nak jugak....=(

Himmat Singh said...

Wow man...nice event...sad I missed, u mind link my blog to urs ?? ...Cheers :)

laila said...

macho bergaya betul yellow team itu
tapi bukan aku

aurikelsan said...

not to forget..ada sorg wakil dr team pink join having fun playing around..kayak-such a bored tasek..ingt leh g pusing jauh2

Dazeree Joan said...

sounds like fun ^_^

atreyu strange said...

@si hitam manis - Kene pandai cari peluang. Hehe.

@Himmat Singh - Always keep yourself updated at the Nuffnang blog, and you'll come around one!

@laila - Yellow team macho bergaya?? Bluwek!

@aurikelsan - Yer2. Anda tidak lupakan. =.=

@Dazeree - It's the Sunway Lagoon EXTREME park, who wouldn't have fun?! Hehe.

luqman afiq razali said...

white team sopan santun sangat..

atreyu strange said...

Luq - Well, kami rakyat Malaysia yang mengamalkan rukun negara. KESOPANAN DAN KESUSILAAN! Hahaha!

Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

Terbayekkk!! good presentation Jen.. leh menang nie.. heheheh~

atreyu strange said...

@Shahrul - nak menang, nak Corby tu! =.=

EmI said...

haha..kecian jen.kempunan dia.klu nuffnang bt poll, aku poll ko utk mng.hehe..

atreyu strange said...

@Helmi - Henpon ko dah lawa tu. Mmg ko takyah berebut ngan aku la. =.=

Cayenne said...

u got so many blogs! i just posted the entry for the carnival. @.@ nice meeting u! =)

atreyu strange said...

@Cayenne - Ouhh, there goes another chance of winning the Corby! Huhu. I can still remember us counting 1 2 3 during the tug-of-war game, and I think WE are the reason why we won that round! HAHAHA!!

JAI said...

Congrats from team pink

atreyu strange said...

@JAI - Thanks bro! I'm super excited right now.

wan2911 said...

white team the best!! hehe :)

Cayenne said...

HEY CONGRATULATIONS!!! u got the phonee..! omg. im so envy of u.. ! =) belanja belanja. hahahha

Frazi A said...

syabas!oh yeahhh..btmbh la hp ko la ye jen...waa...nangis la ak camnih...wakakaka...

spectre said...

Congs on winning the contest!

atreyu strange said...

@wan2911 - ko byk membantu ms wall climbing!

@Cayenne - surprising leh. huhu.

@Frazi A - aritu aku nanges, arini ko nanges lak ek. hak hak!

@spectre - thanks! jackie won too, so it's really cool that two of the white team won!

Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

pergh... hang menang babe!! TAHNIAHHH!!>. hehehe

wan2911 said...

congratZ...da boleh bagi2 hfon tu kat 25 orang team putih...hakhak :p

atreyu strange said...

@Shahrul - tq tq!

@Wan - tade maknenyer. ;p

Sabrina - Ratianda Blog Editor said...

Hey dear! Congratz hehe... I just replied you on my blog but nevermind, I'll reply here too lolx... I think it's possible to register online

They even have a bimonthly promotion that 5 lucky winners get chosen for random gifts from Samsung. So who knows, we might get lucky again lolx! See ya hehe

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