Monday, January 04, 2010

How NOT to solve a Rubik's cube

I was in the bus this morning and I sat next to a girl who I’d suppose is in her early 20s. In the course of the bus ride, she took out a nicely done Rubik's cube from her bag.

And that was when I remembered I left the Rubik's cube at home! THE END.

No lah.

As I was saying, she took out the Rubik's cube. She moved the cube around and stared at it as if studying the cube. Then she started pushing the cube left to right, top to bottom, etc etc etc..

I tried to study her moves. I tried to digest the method she was using.

Damn, this is some difficult method that she must be using!, I thought to myself.

Ten minutes later, the cube is not solved - yet. Although, it was AMAZING that she had solved one face of the cube!

I stared at her in amazement. She must think that I am bedazzled. Well, I am. I was so bedazzled; I wanted to tell her, Aiyo tanggechi, if you blindly do like this, until WHEN oso you won't solve it la! Go youtube and find the MANY methods on how to solve a Rubik's cube la tanggechi!

Come to think of it again, I wanted to grab the cube from her and solve it for her! But my stop is only a minute away from my thought, so I canceled my ego thought because my record is at 2 mins 17 secs. @#$%^&!!! UBER SLOW compared to all these blah-dee-pure-awesomeness people!:

I envy them. Let me just stab myself repeatedly now...

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Aidi-Safuan said... anda solve rubik tuh xde ke? nak tgk gak~

atreyu strange said...

Alaa Aidi, nak tengok ke? Takyah la! Wat malu Lembah Pantai jek! Hahaha...

sayahappyslalu said...

my husband dah addicted main benda ni.. :)

atreyu strange said...

@sayahappyslalu, you bile lagi? haha!

mario said...

lah,aku ingat adik sepupu aku je gilak rubik..haha.
aku tengok rubik je pun dah muntah hijau.giler sofisticated untuk witless mcm aku ni.

atreyu strange said...

@mario - haha. once you have learned it, trust me, mesti addicted tros!

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