Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey perempuan wanfarahmalek

Mode: Takmau berkias-kias kat blog.

You seriously think you are gonna stay YOUNG forever? Just because you are what, 22 this year, you seriously think you're not gonna grow older?

I won the Samsung Corby. So, you think you got a Corby and want to give it for free? Yeaahh, I know, after all the phone is only RM699. And I also know, I ain't a rich-and-spoilt kid like you. My dad is a lorry driver who drinks and hits on his wife and kids. And now, he is NO LONGER MY DAD. I pay rent for the house my mum lives in. Pay fees for my brothers education. What do you do for your family? NOTHING, I BET. Berlagak dengan kekayaan won't bring you nowhere. When you DIE, you DIE alone.

You seriously think I like PINK??!! Haha. Bodoh ke ape, aku pun tak tau! If you didn't know the post is an indirect entry to a contest, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't make stupid conclusions, okay? Nanti you dah jadi dokte, I takut u buat conclusion bodoh2.

Aku bajet One Malaysia?? Yuck. Too start off with, I don't even like that term One Malaysia. You must be someone who doesn't know politic AT ALL. OMG, I need to laugh at YOUR FACE.

Tak suke itam? Tapi ko masuk jugak jenguk2 blog ni.

Ok lah, nak pegi dating dengan ex-boyfriend you.

Oh wait, HE WASN'T YOUR EX, WAS HE???!!!

If you tak jeles, you DIAM, ok?

* There are plenty of search engine that you can use to search; whatever you think you should search for.
* This entry will be up for about 24 hours, or so, because wanfarahmalek is bad for me and all of you, readers. Really. It's worst than an old disease.
* Eh, jangan la buat private blog tu. You takut org search utk you, ke?
* Sori bai, wa ta reti nak kaver2 sbb kau tu dah mcm taik aku tgk.

Update 9:10 PM:



Anyway, it's not difficult searching for deleted posts. Lol!

psst, alang2 korg SATU RUMAH dah jenguk blog nih, klik2 la Nuffie yg sedang tdo tu! MUAHAHAHAHA..!!
* The boyfriend feels it's unfair for him if I delete this post since I've never deleted my hate entries towards him before, haha. So, I've decided not to!

20 other story teller(s):

k3i said...

whoaa whoaaa... bertenang beb~ bertenang~~

p/s: n now u made me wanna whack that bee-yacht!! bakal doc ke tu??? erghhh. blod!!!
btw, why she hate u so much? mind to share?

deusXmachina® said...

relax beb
mesti dia terasa nye pasni

atreyu strange said...

@k3i - please please PLEASE ask her WHY, coz I myself taktau! Nak kate aku amik boyfren dia, rasanya tak jugak bai. Dia PMS kot. Sebab tahun depan dia nak tua setahun. And the year after dat, and the year after dat.

@deusXmachina - biar la. spoilt kids like this shud be given a FIST or TWO.

THREE said...

wait... the wanFuckermalek issue is STILL going on? Bukan dah cerita basi ke? Dia masih nk korek apehal? Xde keje lain?

rephrase that...
wait... wanFuckermalek is still alive? (gee I didn't know that, and honestly nobody cares anyway... she oughtta realize that by now)

hang on... wanFuckermalek FOLLOWS your blog? Nk kesian ade gak; nk ketawa ade gak. Malu la. Dia xde maruah/pendirian diri sendiri ke?

Look to the section in the upper right corner: "Mulut cakap benci, tapi hati berkobar-kobar nak jenguk blog ni." - awesome.

and some more... ada lagi dia activate mulut tanpa activate otak? I should start spamming "Activate brain before mouth" all over the net. Tagline for year 2010.

THREE said...

btw mintap maap saye x tapis... I believe in freedom of speech... besides its not like this comment is gonna start a global nuclear war. :P

THREE said...

hang on... lupe... MEDICAL student? biar btol? aku ingat budak skolah rendah td...

Medical student should know about ageing: the mechanisms, categories, irreversibility... and the fact that DIA PUN XDE BEZA PERRRR. Aku rase dia tipu jer yg dia medic student. Bcos she definitely aint thinking like one, let alone behaving like one.

Some more... medic student pun x 100% pasti akan jadi doctor. just see how many dropout/kicked-out/fail by the 3rd year.

aurikelsan said...

aku cam suka je baca post nie ngeheeehee

atreyu strange said...

@THREE - spamming in comment section eh? haha. anyway, she deleted some posts from her blog. cowardly move, i would say. maybe i should put up the screenshot of what she wrote. for the thrill of laughing at it. gaahhh..

@suria - suka ke? want it to stay longer? ahaa. aku dah cuba sehabis mungkin utk x kuarkan kata2 kesat. adakah aku berjaya? sedikit mungkin. lol!

Aimar said...

ala..dia beli hp pun pakai duit JPA.. Nak beli pakai duit sendiri mana mampu..

EmI said...

x abis kesat lg ni. Tp caya ler beb, gua suka ler ini post. nak join maki leh x..

THREE said...

Spam corner ^^ OH PLEASE don't delete your entry! This post should STAY for everyone to see. Bcos its so hilarious! And straight to the point :)
En garde, touché!

I LOVE the added edits (screencaps). Mmg lawak giler aku bace. Why? Bcos MAKIN aku rase dia tipu dia medic student:

(1) "Old disease"? Nk cipta disease baru biar stylo sikit. Besides, you can't treat ageing process with ANTIBIOTICS. (Stupidest statement I ever heard.) You treat it with retinoids, hydroquinone, L-glutathione... you get the point.

(2) She's obviously never been exposed to contemporary trends and fashion. (Budak kampung daratan kot. Kesian. Pandai bukak mulut mengata org lain. Tp x sedar diri tu lagi kampung dari caveman. Kesian ler.) Pink and black is THE retro / emo / punk rock / Tokyo fashion concept.

(3)Hey, her entire blog is dedicated to you ke, Jen? Waaaaa ko patut bangga beb. Byk post psl you je. Some more, membuktikan yg dia sangat 'suke/kerap' bace your blog la. Kantoi.

(4) She even list down the verbatim/quotes from ur blog. Mmg bace satu per satu lah tu. And to her it may seem stupid (even tho to the rest of us, SHE's the one who makes herself look more stupid by listing down pointless arguments)... so what if she thinks its stupid. Can't expect everyone to like the same genre. (And AS IF anybody cares about her opinions)

I'm LMAO here. Bcos I don't even know who this Fuckerhanim is but I'm getting myself into the flaming business anyway. Let's just she she doesn't end up flaming me pulak. (If she does, do buzz me and I'll be ready as always.)

This is more delicious than McD's best dish. I'm lovin' it~

EmI said...

tp aku tetap x puas ati ler prmpn blagak ni. mcm bagus jer. klu x mau hp 2 kasi aku ler.x pyh ler nak kutuk2. tau ler bapak lu byk duit.
tp bapak lu jer kaya,
bl mati lu sbtg kara.
duit x bwk skali ke pusara,
ape nak buat tol masuk syurga.
awat aku lak emo ni...huhu...

atreyu strange said...

@Aimar - jawapan terbaek dari ladang. aku tak terpikir la plak.

@EmI - apsal la korg leh suke plak post camni. aku baik, aku BUKAN camni. percayalah. hahaha.

@Three - mmg kantoi dia suke baca blog aku, tapi takmo mengaku dowh. dh tu ckp aku yg melatah dulu, haha, sape ntah yg melatah dulu kat fb aritu.

oh, dia suka baju kurung bunga2 je kot. mane leh pakai kaler2 retro beb, tak ayu layu.

omg, we are in a serious trolling business here. but on a serious note, i can take her down anytime. physically. poyo, maybe. serious, DAMN RIGHT I AM! she knows nothing about my past.

atreyu strange said...

@EmI - eh, hang mmg emo lebih dowh. jgn lebih2 emo weh, kang ko jatuh ati kat dia! haha, taktau!

THREE said...

nah babe you don't need to go that far. she's just an attention-deficit who's trying to get an audience through flaming you. Bcos you got so many followers. She's hoping your followers take a look at her usually-ignored blog. Attention-seeking behaviour, biaselaaaaaa.

Best treatment for these people:
(1) Ignore. They are desperately ASKING for attention. Lets not give them any more than they deserve.
(2) Psychiatrist. Prozac. Ritalin. And if worse comes to worse... the ever-dreaded Serenace. (If she's really a medical student she should know what these mean. And how they imply/apply to her.)

Azalea said...

Hahahah... all i can say is "Now, THAT's the JEN that I KNOW AND LOVE THE MOST!!!!" Idup Strange!!!! hahahahah

CikPiN said...

Oh, tentu beliau dah malu, menyorok sambil menangis tersedu-sedu

atreyu strange said...

@Three - well ok, let's move it, move it!

@Azza - i kinda miss the old me. oh wait, i am the OLD me. lol!

@CikPin - i doubt that.

Aus said...

kau gaduh ngn sape..
saba ek..
kau kawan ngn kitrg jek..

atreyu strange said...

@Aus - err erm, bkn title entri dh bgtau sape ke? heh. yer, kwn ngan korg jek. =.=

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