Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MLM: When will they stop harassing me?

With reference to MLM: Katakan TAKNAK.

A girl claiming to be a friend's friend called me last night. I thought something bad had happened to my friend. This girl (let's call her Christina) quickly introduced herself and said,

I was told by Catherina that you're a very ambitious and a business-oriented kinda person,

To which I instantly chuckled and reacted upon,

What lie did she tell you??!!

Truth is, I smell MLM right under her breath! And fact is, I was told of

An internet business opportunity which includes networking and we think you should be our partner too!

*cough cough*

Christina insisted to meet up and discuss our future partnership. I asked her to describe the business over the phone, like,

What do you sell? What service are you offering?

Yet, she said she will explain everything when we meet face to face. I disagreed. I told her I wanted some information before deciding to meet up because I don’t like wasting anybody’s time especially mine. She said that they do have a website but information about the business is only for members. Non-members would not be able to view. Again, she insisted to meet up. And I insisted for more information over the phone. From the tone of her voice, I knew she was growing impatience towards me. I couldn’t hold it any longer either, so I asked,

Are you doing multi-level marketing?

She kept quiet. She must have not prepared a script for this. I asked again. Then she asked,

Why? Do you like multi-level marketing?

Wrong question babe, wrong question.

No. I have no interest at all if it is MLM and we can save your phone bill if you admit it is MLM now.

Surprisingly, she did not disagree NOR admit it. She just said,

Internet business opportunity which includes networking.

Oh heck, if I am not wasting her phone bills, she is wasting my texting time with the boyfriend (it’s night and the only time we have to text one another), so let’s wrap it up!

I’m not interested.

But we haven’t met yet to discuss?

Ouhh, that’s because I just realized how much I despise (hate) "internet business opportunity which includes networking". It comes 2nd after MLM in my scorn list, you know.

Kene menganjing baru paham kot.

Ouhh, so you’re not interested?

Nope. Not interested! Thanks for calling. Tell Catherina, she can erase me from her phonebook. Bye!

And I hung up the phone.

I wanted to text Catherina and ask why didn’t she call me herself, but soon realized that I don’t have her number because it was lost in the other phone! Like seriously, why does A COMPLETE STRANGER has to be the one calling me?

Ouhh well, won’t need it anymore.

Foot Note: There have been a few fairly successful Multi-Level Marketing companies over the years but for the most part MLM companies succeed only at making the founders rich while filling participants’ garages with boxes of unsellable and sometimes unuseable products. Ref.

p.s. Joining MLM may be cool. But being friends with Jen (a.k.a atreyu strange a.k.a. me!) is uber cool. And yes, I created that phrase. Uber cool. Cool, huh?

p.s.2. Names have not been changed to not protect the individuals identity.

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deusXmachina® said...

fuck MLM!!!
aku tak minat langsung MLM ni
bila promot poyo2,

"tengok brader ni bang, baru 5 bulan je join dah pakai bmw 7 series"
salah 1 contoh ayat orang promote MLM kat aku

atreyu strange said...

deusXmachina® - wahh, bwk bersabar. jgn sampai 25 laporan pulis dibuat terhadap komen ko nih. huhu.

ayat tu mmg stendet ah. antara kete yg sering jd umpan adalah fairlady, celica, bmw.

kalu jenis yg baru nak up plak, drg bwk myvi atau caldina. pastu sambil duduk mencangkung dpn kete, mesti ade ayat, "aku ingat nak jual lah kete ni. lagi 2,3 bulan dah nak angkat celica. takde org nk pakai kete ni nnt."

mak aihh..

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahahahah....kejam owh.biar jerla dia call lama2. :p

nebular said...

It's seems to be like a trend nowadays, I hate that experience.....btw thanks for drop by at my blog.

Frazi A said...

mlm..ahahah..itu kisah lama yg berkurun blaku msa ak undergrad lagi..ha..silap2 blh terjerumus ke lembahnya..haha..mereka akan lbh excited when we try to refuse..berapi2 mereka..so jln mudah..ko ckp ye..ye..baik..nant balik pikir..buat mcm mau..tap bila dia call nk jmpa lg ckp "maaf numbr ini tiada dlm perkhidmatan!"

atreyu strange said...

@Aidi - Aku tanak cakap lame2 sbb drpd layan dia, baik aku layan msg ngan the boyfriend! Haha.

@nebular - It won't be such a bad trend if it didn't involve hanky panky talks, lies and frauds.

@Frazi A - Yer, student adalah sasaran paling mudah! Duit PTPTN release jek, mmg mereka mula mencari la!

luq said...

aku pon benci do mlm..
kecoh je..

lagi satu
asal nuffnang aku tak naik2 lagi!!!!!
dah tension dh ni

THREE said...

I LOL-ed at "I don’t like wasting anybody’s time especially mine" OMG epic!

MLM only works for the pioneers of that business. Eventually the ones at the bottom of the pyramid (read: us, if we join) have none under us. Or was that pyramid scheme? bahhh sama jak ya

DeeDee said...

haha.. i baru nak buat entry psl MLM ni. haha..

apa kata u pegi je jumpa, biasanya diaorang ni suka ajak & nak belanja tmpt2 mkn high end (paling cikai pun starbucks @ coffee bean). then u order jek, makan sampai kenyang. bila dh kenyang, u tell them u ada hal lain & kena balik. and u tak interested with the product @ nak jadi downline or so called business partner ni. hehehhe..

atreyu strange said...

@Luq - Ramai yg x minat MLM, ramai jgk yg terjebak. Huhu. Wehh, next week ko cek earning ade tak. Aku baru nampak 2 ads kat blog ko, n aku dh tlg klik. Klu xde earning gak, baik ko submit tiket kat NN.

Plus, jenis ad 'Large Rectangle' boleh letak kat sidebar ke? Huhu.

@THREE - Agreed. Yang kat bwh tu, jd kuli batak. I know a few that joined and left after few months bcoz obviously, the kuli batak term applies to them.

@Deedee - Ade jgk mmbr2 yg pegi for a free lunch or dinner. Tapi, aku lebih hargai masa yg aku ada. Drpd spend ngan drg, baik aku baca buku kat MPH. Cewahh. Rajin konon.

PurPLe LaDy said...

good escape! agree with you. people with MLM will end up with tons of boxes in their house.. only the founder become richer richer and richer by day!

atreyu strange said...

PurPLe LaDy - yup, and all those expensive cars are borrowed from their bosses! lol!

luq said...

boleh je..
kuar gak..
just tak fit la..
terlebih sikit..

submit ticket tu ape n macam mane?

atreyu strange said...

@Luq - Masuk webpage Nuffnang MY, click on Contact Us, and Create New Ticket.

Macam helpdesk and support.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! To me, I don't believe that any kind of business claimed that "You don't have to work hard to earn good money" Documentary featured real life successful business stories-''The YES Movie''
www.TheYESmovie.com by Louis Lautman

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