Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Groupies on the Loose each passing day, I see more and more of

"Menentang tindakan Individu A yang mengatakan bla bla bla ..."

or "Menentang penderhaka B yang mengutuk bla bla bla..."

or "I hate Toot Toot.."

or "We hate Toink Toink.."

on Facebook.

Notice how you and all your friends wants to be part of something there? But do you also notice that there's so much talking, so much insult, so much drama in those group pages, yet, NOTHING IS MOVING? Everyone comes in to mengumpat, add some insult here and there, preach about religion, morale, WTF like your knowledge on religion, morale issue has been accepted by the Almighty. Why? What's the point?

To prove yourself a Malaysian? I.e. by talking and not actions.

To prove that boleh-land boleh take someone down on Facebook?

Sampai kena troll with Obe pun, diorg masih teruskan. Lol.

Screen cap courtesy of Obefiend, so wth, ain't gonna use any blur effect on this!

Seriously, I think it's not that they didn't notice they are being trolled, but they just DON'T KNOW WHAT TROLL MEANS.

Lame. Sick. Insane.

So friends, save your sanity, stay away from groupies like this. It's not only lame, sick and insane, but an insult to your intelligence.

* Dah la. Tanak ckp byk. Nnt ade org bukak group/fan page I Hate Atreyu Strange mcm Obe dah kene tu. Seriously, is he THAT worthy?! LOL!
* Watch what you have to say in Facebook. Someone might just start a hate group for you. Thank God that I am sane and will not do that to anyone. *evil grin*

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EmI said...

haha..aku lyn fb utk main game. mls nak kuar statement kat sana. baik aku wat statement kat blog aku.hehe..

DeeDee said...

diaorg ni takde life agaknya. asyik nak mengutuk org. terlampau byk masa lapang sampai buat fanpage la. virtually berani la, cuba suruh jumpa face to face..

atreyu strange said...

@Emi - tahniah! anda tidak LAME! haha!

@Deedee - ko perasan tak screen cap yg atas skali tu, siap mtk org yg bersalah tu kuar bg statement, tp dia sendiri menaip dlm FB! oh gila!

THREE said...

I admit, it was fun at first... (observing from afar; luckily I never actually joined)

...but after a while, you think "OMG get over it!" We've already said and done our part as the first in before it got 'basi'. We've vented, let it out, and no need to look back anymore. Move forward.

Groups like these keep the hate going, keep the stalemate stale, and keeps the road blocked.

Unfortunately some people who cant accept the future will never move towards it. Keep dwelling in the past with their ghosts.

(Now about that Anti-Fasha Sandha group... OK yeah I joined THAT one LOL oops. Just to add the numbers :))

aurikelsan said...

now, Anti-dotdotdot or I HATE dotdotdot is like a phenomenon.. tell me, except they gather the numbers of hater, what else did they get?

atreyu strange said...

@Three - I think it's absolutely fine to say what we think is right at that moment, but at that moment only. Going in circles will get you NOWHERE.

BTW, you invited me to join that group. And I forgot to tell you - NO WAY DUNGEON IS THAT WAY!

@Suria - Yeayy! You totally understood my point!

si hitam maness said...

haha...i read that troll obe did before....lawak2....
nway thanks for dropping by in my pink blog..u don't like pink right..hahah..i'm neutral,pink it's my new layout..hihi

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