Monday, March 08, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Ever been in a crowded area and suddenly your nostril catches something that smells so good that you start to turn around hoping to find the source of the smell only to find out it came from a cute guy sitting across you? Don’t you have the urge to get near him and tell him how good he smells?

I must admit, I have done it before. Hehe. Not that I am trying to hit on him or anything, euww, so not my style! But I just feel the need to compliment him for making an effort to smell ‘right’. You know, just to make him feel good about himself. You never know if it had been a bad day for him, so a compliment can really cheer one up. Well, at least that’s how I would feel if I am sad and down. I’d definitely feel good if someone walks up to me and say something nice and beautiful.

You don’t have to wear the most expensive perfume to smell good. Even sometimes, the most expensive perfume can be quite irritating to my nose. Well, that’s perhaps because I like fresh smells. In terms of brand choice, I’d go for Guess, Davidoff, DKNY or Hugo Boss. Anyone can pull off a good smell with these brands. But not many guys can pull off a good smell with Dunhill! I mean, this is soooooo NOT a teenagers’ type of perfume, so when I sense a teenager wearing this, I just HAVE TO roll my eyes (once, twice, oh well, make it thrice!). I mean, this is like an adult perfume, so if you’re a teenager, act your age lah!

If you’re worried of not being able to pull off a good scent with perfumes, wearing the right deodorant is just as good. The boyfriend isn’t into perfumes either. On most of our casual outings, he just slaps on deodorants and he’s good to go! Smells ‘right’ too. Haha. So guys, for deodorant recommendation, try the Adidas Action 3 For Men Anti-Perspirant deodorant.

Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant Spray

6 different ways to smell ‘right’. LOL. My best bet, Fresh. Even when you’re sweating like a pig, you’d still get the cooling protection. If you have sensitive nose, just slap on Pure. It’s unscented, so it brings out the best of your body odor. Err, provided that you have taken a shower in the last 24hours lah! Haha!

Ouh well, as long as you don’t stink like a fish aquarium that has not been washed for a month, IT'S ALL GOOOOOOD! It’s enough if you’re simply using baby powders too! It doesn’t come out as too strong, but it compliments your own body odor. It makes you smell neutral. And most importantly, you smell just ‘right’. LOL.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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aurikelsan said...

100% agree

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - your comment is too general. mind to specify? haha!

Anonymous said...

saya datang meliwat~~
tp adidas deodoren ni x best..

atreyu strange said...

@ahChong - cheebuy. ilang kesucian belog aku kene liwat!

Frazi A said...

oing oing..ak mmg mgunakn adidas fresh..pdn la, rmai betui yg mendekati diriku?mengapakah???kerana diriku lebih berharga...hee...oing..oing

aurikelsan said...

#1. You don’t have to wear the most expensive perfume to smell good (atreyu strange, 2010)-->agree
#2.not many guys can pull off a good smell with Dunhill!(atreyu strange, 2010) --> I 100% dont like Dunhill.. sakit hidung beb..
#3.we need to smell 'right' -->150% agree

psssstt...frazi, mengapakah kau mengeluarkan bunyik sebegitu?

atreyu strange said...

@Frazi A - bagus lah ramai yang mendekati.. tapi.. ada x yang melekat?? hehehe..

@aurikelsan - wahh. time kasih kerana menyokong entri ini! huhu.

aku pun konfiuz lah, tu bunyi katak ke babi????

Blogger75 said...


kenwooi said...

actually shampoo and body soap can make someone smell good edy.. haha.. =P

Billet-DOux said...


atreyu strange said...

@Blogger75 - spammer.

@kenwooi - ouhh, that's true too!

@Billet - another spammer?

laila said...

aku ke sini dr project alpha
great jen!
bilalah aku nak rajen wat ni

atreyu strange said...

@laila - sila lah rajin2 kan diri yang sentiasa kemalasan itu. erk.

MunTeng said...

yes, nice smelling ppl ftw.
i'm using dkny's be delicious (the pink one, u can check it out)
and i shall smell that old ppl's fragrance from dunhill one day. hahaha.


atreyu strange said...

@MunTeng - I have a DKNY too! The green apple one. But I think it's time to grab a new one. Hehe.

Well, Dunhill is more suitable for men in their 40s.. Or smokers!

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