Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How low will you go?

I’ve been wanting to blog about this but never had the time as there were just so many other things to write about.

A couple of days back, I was listening to one of the hottest music station and in their usual morning show, the DJs brought up a topic on “Interview Nightmares”.

I know I had one interview nightmare a few years back but that’s another story altogether. =.=

Anyway, there’s this one caller’s ‘nightmare’ which really took me by surprise. She revealed on air that her interviewer was hitting on her during the interview. Hitting as in mengorat, not pukul okay. As if that’s not bad enough, the interviewer told her if she wants the job badly, SHE MUST SLEEP WITH HIM!

What a nightmare, right?!

But guess what? Because she wanted the job so badly and it has been her childhood dream to work in this well-known giant company, SHE SLEPT WITH HIM.

Surprise, surprise. Now, you’re thinking WHY is it a nightmare when that is exactly what she wanted?

Well, at the end of it all, after all the promises by the interviewer, SHE DIDN’T GET THE JOB.

In my honest opinion, what she did was PURELY DISGUSTING and ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH! How low will you go to make that dream come true? I know I won’t go THAT low.

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k3i said...

battling eyelashes pun tak berani..inikan pulak sekatil..waaa~~~

deym, sure that lady forgot to record their mushy-mushy nite together...if she did, surely can post to utube maaa... at least she got to see some ratings.....aiyakkk!

who knows, some producers interested in her acting? fast money!! fast fame!!

** okay, that was totally bullshit came frm me. (-,-) cant sleep derghhh~

atreyu strange said...

@k3i - she said it was a 'childhood dream to work in the company'. eeuuuwww. tak perlu la sampai naik katil kan.

deus X machina said...

mesti dengar hot fm ni

atreyu strange said...

@deus - maaf. anda salah!

blowie said...

Amboi senangnya nak dapat keje!~

Dah naik ke katil tu sah sah la bukan naik saje kan,hehe.

Hitz fm?

CikMelur said...

ia adaalah fly fm. benar tak???

hampeh punye pompuan. buat jatuh maruah saje

atreyu strange said...

@blowie - drg naik katil main snake and ladder. erkkkk..

jwpn salah.

@CikMelur - jwpn btol! tahniah Melur. hadiah boleh claim sama kawan lu.

.::WaNiE::. said...

so wtf :P childhood dream?? maybe she's finding someone to sleep with win win situation..ahahah

rubbish la like this ! i never thought some1 can do this only for a job.

atreyu strange said...

@Wanie - I never thought this could actually happen in Malaysia. =.=

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