Thursday, March 04, 2010

From Paris with Love

True or False:

Yesterday was Wednesday - true. Movie tickets are cheaper - true. Aunt has travelled to Singapore - true. I can leave home at whatever time - true. And I can come home at whatever time - true. Yes!

And since all of the above is TRUE, I went to a movie last night. Haha, WTF right?

I wanted to watch Percy Jackson but the boyfriend wanted From Paris with Love. Although I do not know what the movie is about and I do not like John Travolta (no reasons needed), I agreed to his movie choice because he hardly makes request. See, I’m not that fussy. Heh.

from paris with love
Overall, the movie was boring. It’s about this one guy Reece (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who has been doing low-level spy work for the CIA (I think) and hopes to be promoted to like some special agent unit. Quite important to note that he has a *supposedly beautiful French girlfriend.

So anyway, to break the grounds and become a bona fide agent, he was assigned to partner up with special agent, Charlie (I keep typing Richard instead of Charlie, WTF) Wax for this one big mission; something about drugs and dealers and leaders in the underworld okay fine let’s save the world! Wax's (played by John Travolta) character is a total opposite of Reece. Reece is so much in love with his girlfriend, while Wax is madly in love with his gun.

In the first few hours of meeting Wax, Reece was exposed to smashing, shooting and killing from one place to another. Well basically, Wax was doing all the killing and smashing while Reece was just standing by counting hours to his promotion. Lol.

And the next thing you know, the mission isn’t about drug after all!

Okay seriously, it was a boring movie. I was so restless in the cinema. I wasn't focus. Cliché action buddies (one overplayed his character, another just tried to make sense of the whole drama until the last 10mins of the movie), stupid one-liners, recycled jokes, bad plots, anti-climax, ahh, you just insert everything there is in a boring movie here lah! The movie was made as though on one fine day, no let's make that midnight, the producer, director and scriptwriter went for a teh tarik at the mamak stall and decided that they should make a movie together and drafted some action plots (a few shooting spree, insert bazooka here, carry a vase full of cocaine and drop it to scare people away bla bla), and the next thing you know, they submitted their first draft as their final movie proposal. @#$%^&!!

Last but not least, remind me again why they named the movie “From Paris with Love” because love did not pull through as a vital element in this movie. Not even when Reece shot his *supposedly French girlfriend dead at the end of the movie. Shyt, did I mention that I’d be spoiling the story for you? Haha.

Oh well, unless we consider Wax’s love for gun as pure love. WTH.

2.5 out of 5.

*Supposedly – because I personally don’t agree, haha!

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aurikelsan said...

lucky, i get refund haha

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - well, at least it's Wednesday for me. hehe.

dillazag said...

Ala... ye ke? Baru je ingat nak pergi. Tak jadi lah..

I bet the Edge of Darkness would be good though. Mel Gibson, maa. :)

John Loo said...

Hi, replying to your comment on my blog:

I heard Club Foot on Youtube but I think the sound quality isn't adequate. Anyways, I do wanna try another Kasabian album. So... should I try their self-titled debut album, Kasabian or Empire?

deus X machina said...

download sudah

John Loo said...

Haha, nice review! But tengok the poster pun da tahu this movie sux. John Trava-Botak? WTF? And he had so much hair in Grease....

atreyu strange said...

@dillazaq - ni pendapat aku. bak kate org, belum cuba, belum tahu! erk888 (pinjam jap deus)

@John Loo - that's easy, Kasabian. i didn't like the empire album very much. seriously, try the tracks that i recommended.

@deus - yer, sila lah dload guna berukband kat umah tu. heh.

atreyu strange said...

@John Loo - Eh, you commented again and at the same time I posted my reply to your previous comment! But anyway, I was never a fan of John Travolta and I must admit, I never watched Grease till the end! Haha.

Aimar said...

movie yang penuh dengan unsur-unsur menghina agama Islam secara halus..

ada satu babak di mana terdapat lukisan grafiti yang menulis 'Allah' semasa mereka menyerbu apartment si pengganas..

atreyu strange said...

@Aimar - You didn't tell me that! And you suggested this movie anyway!

syazryn sabry said...

terima kasih wahai jen!anda telah menyelamatkan rm10 ak!haha..
muneer ada ajak ak tgk but til now x tgk2 lagi!nasib baekkkkk!!kalau x, memang berdengkuq aa ak dalam panggung tu.

atreyu strange said...

@syaz - haha. xpenah la plak aku tgk muvi sampai berdengkur dalam cinema.

John Loo said...

Ya, coz I commented first then only read your review. I didn't watch Grease either but I loved him Pulp Fiction.

John Loo said...

And thanks for your suggestion, Kasabian it is then. By the way, Gorillaz has a new album! :)

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