Monday, March 01, 2010

Run Falkor, run!

Hello everyone. It’s that dreadful Monday again, isn’t it? I know, I had a wonderful weekend too, so it’s really frustrating that I have to wake up this morning thinking about the work ahead of me today. Why can’t work just work it out by itself? Why do I have to do all the work? Oh. That sounds stupid. Blame it on the blues. *yawns*

Anyway, Mondays aside, I’m actually excited to tell you, you and YOU about my weekend! It started off as a boring Saturday morning (don’t ask about Friday coz I was at work – ouhh, I just told you, #$@%^&*!) when the boyfriend suddenly called and suggested to hunt for a new set of shoes for Falkor. Of course I agreed because I just want to be with the boyfriend Falkor needs it badly. So off we went to Rawang along with Syed!

Saturday 27 February, Rawang, 4:00 p.m.

The first shop we visited gave us the shivers. We negotiated for a set of rims but because he started the price too high, we walked away, and while we were about to drive away, the foreman came knocking on the windscreen and offered a cheaper price. We bargained. He said wait, let me ask the boss, he came back, he agreed to our price but with some conditions of course. We said no, and he went in again, he came back, and said last price, we told him we want to look around first. We were about to drive away AGAIN, when he came knocking the windscreen AGAIN and said that if we decide to come back, we won’t get the same price. We said thanks and this time we REALLY HOPE and PRAYED he won’t come knocking on the windscreen again. Thank God he didn’t, haha.

A few shops later, we decided that we will go to Klang on Sunday for more choices. But the best bargain we had was at RM900 (after trade-in) for a set of 16” P1 rims and Nankang tires. WTH.

Sunday 28 February, Klang, 3:00 p.m.

After looking around for more than an hour around Klang shops, the boyfriend and I became fond of Advan RS rims since we first saw it but 15” stock was not available in most shops. One shop told us they have it, but to our dismay, the stock is in Penang and will arrive in two weeks time. Since we are not that desperate for Advan RS, we settled for a set of SSR rims instead. In fact, the deal for SSR rims was far greater so we went back to the shop which offered us the SSR rims.

For RM1,200 (after trade-in), we got a new set of Yokohama C-drive tires and SSR 15” rims with installation at no additional cost. Even the wheel nuts we rembat! Haha!

SSR 15" rims *imitation, cough cough, who doesn't*

Guys will be guys. Satisfaction that comes with dissatisfaction. Go figure!

It’s a great offer and I am satisfied with the choice of tires and rims. They are comfortable and smooth on the road; perhaps because the height ratio is bigger. The boyfriend feels that the tires are quiet too.

Now start running Falkor! We gotta keep you fit to drag! Perasan.

* Between Rawang and Klang, there is not much comparison in price tag. But in terms of choices and good tyres, waste no time and just head to Klang!
* Weekend was also spent eating seafood in Tanjung Harapan, camwhoring in i-City, and watching drag battle in Cyberjaya, but that's another story altogether!
* Tinkypoo??!!! WTH!

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CikPiN said...

new shoes? Falkor, semoga aku tak sengaja calarkan kasut ko nanti.

**kenapa bunyinya macam ugut ya? :P

atreyu strange said...

@CikPin - aku pun harap aku tak sengaja calar cat baru Fairusz. ngeh3...

luq said...

aku nak tanye somthing ni..
bukan pasal blog ni la..
jgn marah
kalau aku tak slalu dpt cpm aku pakai innity ok tak?
sbb aku baca review byk cakap yg nuffnang lagi best

luq said...

i mean post ni la

Aus MeLankoLik said...

yang oi , bile nak tulis bm ni ?
hehehe .

atreyu strange said...

@luq - Kalu tak silap aku, janji lu leh buktikan yang lu ada 3k unique visitor setiap bulan, lu dah boleh pakai Innity. Dan dengar kata, DENGAR KATA, pendapatan Innity lebih lumayan dari NN. Perbandingan seminggu bersama Innity macam sebulan bersama NN.

So kalu dah ada 3k unique visitors, ko boleh la lompat parti. Erk~

@Aus - kenapa? ada tak paham boleh tanya. kalu kita x belajar utk memahami, sampai bila pun xkan paham culture org. eh, melalut. keh3..

luq said...

aku dah dpt dah account innity..
dah try dah ltk innity kjp je dpt duit dh..
tapi buang balik..
sbb aku tgk ramai pro2 blogger tak pakai pon innity..
cam tak best je..
nn aku ade rm15 kot..

atreyu strange said...

@luq - bergantung pd sbb nape lu nak pakai ad diorang la. aku stay ngan NN sbb unique visitors aku xde pun sampai 3k sebulan! erk.

xlah, aku stay ngan NN sbb aku rs NN byk bg kita join contest. paling kurang pun, dpt tiket movie percuma. tu dah berbaloi2 bg aku.

lgpun, kalu NN rs blog lu layak utk buat advertorial, dia bg gak. Innity sekadar letak iklan jek.

ni pandangan aku la. lu boleh korek lg pasal Innity ngan NN nih. dah ramai bloggers menulis pasal ni.

lu dah penah cash out earning NN x?

luq said...

tak penah la..
baru rm15 do skrang..
try la innity kejap

atreyu strange said...

@luq - aku rasa lu mmg patut cuba Innity dulu.

Sharm said...

okay i just realized TINKYPOO being mentioned here

atreyu strange said...

@Sharm - lembabbbbbbb!!!

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