Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Biggest Event of the Year (2009)

It’s almost the end of the year. Rewinding back to January 2009, A LOT has happened since then. Sugar, spice, and NOT everything nice has come this way. But here is the 5 BIGGEST EVENTS that has taken place this year. This list is in no particular order, and is regardless of sweet memories, or bad ones.

New Love: The Saga Begins

It was a tough fight – for him. I almost surrendered. Hahaha. Ever since I said YES LOVE send to 24627, I have been envied bad-mouthed by many. But put me down in any way you want, I know better of the person he loves. I thought to myself, why should I care? When I die, they are not the one who tells if I’m going to heaven or hell.

*Gambar kredit kepada Encik Faris Razid. Lepas ni amik lg yer! Okthxbye!*

Moral of the story: Stay calm, stay grounded. Thanks for all the challenges! Without enemies, a war could not have started. Without enemies, a war could not be WON!

Family: On Being Separated

This event has to be the BIGGEST BLOW of the year. It cannot be fitted into a new chapter of a book. It’s a NEW BOOK altogether. Mum has received so much abuse from her other half; she decided that enough is enough. I could still remember that cold morning when my brother rang me and said, “Can you pick us up from Pudu?”. From the cold tone and quite background, I knew something was amiss. And life has changed ever since. I not only carry the “eldest sister” title, I also carry the responsibility of “man of the house”.

For the first several months, I was distressed and troubled. I was busy getting the boys into school, finding home, buying house wares and furniture, making ends meet, and facing verbal attacks from my auntS. If it isn’t for the bf and the friends who extended as moral support, I think I’d be a fallen soldier by now.

Moral of the story: What goes around comes around. Always extend your arms to help the others and don’t be disgruntled. Ever since I took over the function of a dad, I have been trying so hard to make ends meet. I grumble, of course, but I don’t regret. 3 chapters later, my entire burden became ‘lighter’ when my paycheck got ‘fatter’. *winks*

Travel & Living: Beijing, China

Who would have expected that I went to the Great Wall of China ALONE? Not even myself! But I did it anyway! And what an accomplishment!

Moral of the story: Don’t try this if you do not know where the train station is, where the bus is, and most importanty; don’t try if you don’t even know where to start!

p.s. Some sign language might help to. Wakaka!!~

Celebration: A Birthday I Never Had

For some, they get to celebrate their birthday with much celebration every year. But for me, birthday was never taken so seriously. I had one request this year. I wanted to hike Broga Hill.

I got what I wished for. But that was not all. I got a dinner treat and a hand bag. Sounds nothing out of the ordinary? Yeah, I know. But the things that happened on that day had so much sentimental value. I remember it like it just happened yesterday.

And that makes it extraordinary.

Moral of the story: Sentimental value does not carry price tag.

Luck Dragon: The Birth of Falkor

Financially, it’s a burden. But if it helps to make my family’s life easier, Falkor is what I need.

Moral of the story: Be the luck dragon that I need and strike a Toto number now! HAHAHA!!

* What is there for me in Year 2010? I don’t know, but I have less than two weeks to be prepared!
* So tell me, what’s your biggest event/let down/jump this year?

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The Aku said...

The process of growing up. Mmm..mmm... :). May 2010 be much better for u then gal :)

a i n k i n z said...

Aku suka menda ni.
Kenapa ko tak tag aku?
X kesahla, aku nk buat jugak nnt. :P

Neway, semuga 2010 menjanjikan sesuatu yg lebih terbaek utk kita. Love Yu!!


atreyu strange said...

@The Aku, thanks!

@ainkinz, baiklah, aku tag.. walaupun entri ni bukan entri tag. Ahaa.

Si budak Aboi said...

eh best ke citer twilight tue?

atreyu strange said...

@Si budak Aboi, ape kena-mengena Twilight dgn entri nih? Sori, aku tak minat citer camtu. Heh.

Mr. J @ said...

Gamar panas . hahah .. kalau artis tadi komprim masuk kosmo.

farisrc said...

woot !!! woit curik gamba aku.. copyright reserved to ...

atreyu strange said...

@Mr J, belum artis pun, ade org dah jeles oi! Wakaka!!

@farisrc, sheesh! How the heck did you end up here?!

Fine. I'll edit my post NOW. Haha.

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