Monday, December 14, 2009

GSC Midvalley: False Alarm, Bad Management

Yesterday, the bf and I went for a movie at GSC Midvalley despite being broke. One hour into the movie and already feeling bored to the bone, a fire alarm broke from the next hall. Since no one bothered to see what's going on (the bf included), we continued watching the movie until, the fire alarm in our hall started ringing.

People got up and started leaving the hall. Mums and dads were seen holding hands with their kids while leaving the halls. Panic and worry can be seen on their faces. We made our way out too. Once we were out of the hall, we saw the crowd. Everyone from every other hall was leaving. Deep down, I farking hoped it was no terrorism. Haha.

We joined the crowd, frantically looking out for any GSC staff on the floor. To our dismay, no GSC staff was even bothered to see what's going on.

Since we were on a higher ground, we hollered to a man downstairs who we all thought is the manager. He was on the phone and was not bothered to look up. Only after some people started making some fuss, he looked up and simply said, "Just a trip. Nothing's wrong." and continued talking on the phone. He was seen moving from left to right as though trying to avoid any more questions.

By this time, a lot of people had left the halls and made their way out of the cinema. When a staff arrived, some of us waited to seek for explanation. A few people pressed him for details, but he simply said, "Masuk je. Takde masalah." (English translation: "Just go back in. No problem.")

When we went back into the hall, 85% of the cinema-goers had left. We continued watching the movie but felt very uneasy and at the same time annoyed because the fire alarm was still on. The movie ended 10 minutes later. Wtf. A total disappointment.

After the movie ended, we went down to see if there was gonna be any refund. A huge crowd surrounded the information counter area and two GSC staffs were seen being bombarded with people seeking for explanation. The staffs keep saying that they had followed standard procedure and by this, it means that they should WAIT for the manager's instruction before taking any action. People were getting upset and frustrated by the whole incident when later, another staff came to announce that two refund counters will be opened.

Soon, we all queued up to seek for a refund. The man that I suspect as the manager just stood there and gave some instructions to his staff.

No guilt whatsOever.
No apoLogies whatsoever.

Again, he is seen moving left to right, avoiding ALL eye contacts with the customers.

If a fire really broke out, I think people could have died because of the so-called 'standard procedure'. In fact, GSC should feel LUCKY because we, the customers, were calm when the incident happened. What if some people in the crowd got REALLY PANIC and a stampede happened? What if people suffocated in the crowd?

A refund was given, but that isn't the case here. This is like washing your hands off dirt. What I am trying to underline is the ignorance of the management at handling a panic situation. How irresponsible and what a coward the manager has been. If he isn't the manager, then the REAL manager is a total DUMBASS that should be shoved from the back coward.

Alas, once again we demonstrate that any management in Malaysia is BAD management. I sincerely hope that the management had a post-incident meeting to discuss what should and what not to be done during an emergency, no matter if it is a genuine case, or a false alarm. Maybe the highlight of the meeting should be "Fast response during emergency" and "Slow-responding Managers should be fired, period".

* Movie review in the next entry.
* Just remembered that I never did a movie review for "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball". Sorry!
* Another round of FREE movie this Thursday! I'm lovin' it!

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Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

thank god, u are still alive.. Cant believe GSC was like that.. Hrmmmm...

cik bit said...

ko post je komen ko nih kt paper
biar dia gabra sket
amik mudah sangt suma menda
nnt jd mcm KB mall..
kan da kna cek suma menda..deng o deng..tatauu

atreyu strange said...

@Rabiatul Adawiyah, no matter how great an organization portrays themselves to be, they ALMOST ALWAYS fail when faced with emergency/problem as such.

@cik bit, takleh anta entri ni ke akhbar kerana ia penuh dengan kata2 kesat. hahaha!

Aimar said...

the pendek guy is the manager liao.. not the one with blue-black shirt..

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