Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spoiler Alert: The Princess and The Frog

I'm sorry Disney, but the movie wasn't great at all. A little too relaxed;I became seriously bored in the first half an hour. And because of that, I have prepared some spoilers for this review so that readers can just watch this when the DVD comes out.

Lucky thing we got a refund due to the false alarm incident. Haha.

Spoiler 1: Tiana is NOT a princess, yet.

Rather, she's the poor daughter of a cook who continued her father's dream of opening her own restaurant. She works two jobs and saves her tips for her big down payment. When Prince Naveen arrives in town, he almost immediately gets conned by the Shadow Man. With a bit of voodoo, the prince was transformed into a frog and the prince's sidekick, Lawrence, transformed into a Prince Naveen look alike. The frog prince turns up on Tiana's balcony and convinces her of the frog tale to kiss him, but instead of the frog turning back into a prince, Tiana turns into another frog.

Ouh well, she isn't the princess, remember?

Suddenly (actually, I have forgotten HOW THE HECK they ended up there!), the two frogs wind up in the swamp, where they befriend a jazz-trumpet-playing alligator, Louis and a Creole firefly, Ray. They set out to find Mama Odie in the hopes of becoming human again. Unfortunately, the Shadow Man is in need of the prince's blood to keep his spell working, and sends out an army of creepy shadow specters to track him down.

So anyway, the two frogs finally falls in love. *yawn*

Spoiler 2: Prince Naveen and Tiana becomes frog husband and frog wife.

When they finally met Mama Odie, she told them that Frog Prince Naveen has to kiss a princess in order to get his human form back. They finally decided that they should return to town and Frog Prince Naveen will kiss Princess Charlotte before her title is stripped (I forgot why it will be stripped, *yawn*).

And yada yada yadaa, Prince Naveen was not on time to kiss Princess Charlotte. They (Naveen & Tiana) then decided to get marry the frog style.

Spoiler 3: When Frog Prince Naveen weds Frog Tiana..

Tiana gets to be a princess, right? If she is a princess now, and she kisses Frog Prince Naveen, what do you think would happen? Ahaa.

The End.

p.s. The author of this review has lost all excitement to rate the movie.
p.s.p Watching Avatar tomorrow. Will be back for MOAARR movie review!
p.s.3 Some people are so effing JEALOUS when one could write critical reviews. A little critic could really make them jump eh?

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The Aku said...

Eh betoi ka ne tak best? Alaaaaa ko spoilla btau. Aku nak gak tgk sparoh jalan then dpt refundddddd... Ehekekekee

Kathlynn said...

Hey! I heart this movie!

atreyu strange said...

@The Aku, lohh.. dah cakap ni spoiler, awat gi bace! Hehehe..

@Kathlynn, from Totally Spies to Kim Possible to Hannah Montana, you can say I'm a big fan of Disney cartoons! But this is just wrong. Huhu. Hey, at least YOU have something nice to say about this movie, right?! *winks*

Si budak Aboi said...

aboi x minat citer2 mcm nie hehehe..

CikPiN said...

kau buat hati aku tergolek. aku baru rancang nak tengok..............waaaaaaaaaaaaa

atreyu strange said...

@Si budak Aboi, abis tu minat citer camne? Huhu..

@Cikpin, pegi la tengok. Kot2 ko suke ke.. Lain org, lain pendapat maa.. Kritik sket, takkan terus terasa kot? Ahaa.

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