Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Proposal

Ouhh, I'm a week late to write a review of The Proposal since I watched it last Thursday thanks to the boyfriend. Anyway, loved what you wore that night. *winks*

The Proposal is a romantic comedy starring the infamous Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, a Canadian who is an editor-in-chief in Manhattan. Alongside is her charming assistant, Andrew, potrayed by Ryan Reynolds who slaves for Margaret.

Despite all the success and attention Margaret gets in the publishing firm, she has neglected her visa that has expired and therefore is forced to return to her native Canada. Refusing to deport, she quickly cooks up a marriage sham with her assistant Andrew, whom is left with little choice. And in an effort to avoid speculation from a nosy agent ( I believe his from the immigration dept), they set off to Andrew’s hometown in Sitka, Alaska to meet his parents and his really cute and funny grandmother.

The Good:
  • When Margaret and Andrew impulsively confesses their fake engagement. What follows for a half-minute or so was really cracking up the cinema – fake intimacy, pure horror on Andrew's face and his attempt to understand the puzzled situation his in.
  • Laughing. LOL, it's a COMEDY for crying out loud! One of the scene that I could most remember is the morning-in-bed scene when Margaret cries "What is that?!" and Andrew blandly replies, "It's the morning". Ouhh, and can you imagine your boss in her pyjamas running for her handphone that got snatched by a bird? Heh.
  • I now realize how small Alaska town is when I saw this movie. There was this guy who works at a grocery store during the day, the village minister during the weekends, and a stripper at night! WTF. Haha!
  • Grandma played by Betty White. If there’s one reason you should go see The Proposal, it has to be for Andrew's grandma. She seriously got me at “Do you prefer to be called Margaret or Satin’s mistress?”. LOL! And when she faked a heart attack (woops! spoiler alert!), it was witty grandma! And yes, she makes me miss my grandma. Sigh~

The Not So Good (Bad):
  • The couple lacks the chemistry and I find it least romantic. They are both good with their own character but not what goes on between them.
  • How fast the relationship grew between the two main character is absolutely obnoxious. I don't believe in love story such as Titanic and I certainly didn't expect it in this movie either. Behold these two people who hate each other at the beginning of the movie, and suddenly starts to have feelings for each other throughout the film. Ouhh, what a shock, huh?
  • Awkward argument scenes between father and son, and wife and husband. Anne Fletcher (the director) might have thought, oh well, lets have some typical family problem scene, so lets throw this plot in, and ouhh, that plot too! And ta-daaa... LAME!

So Ryan Reynolds may NEVER be a blockbluster moviestar, but he can work some decent scene to his best. I love how he could make a joke like, "It's like Christmas in a cup" while maintaining his flat facial expression, which leaves the rest of us in the cinema bursting into laughter.

Lets leave out Sandra Bullock out of this, shall we? WHO THE HELL doesn't know her already!

There's nothing to the film that makes it new or original but I am left satisfied and was occupied with enough laughing matters. If you're looking for a distraction from reality, this is your easy way out. It's a 4.05 out of 5 for you. Seriously, I think I'm being generous (OR blinded by Ryan Reynolds).

* And you, she wasn't REALLY naked on screen, was she? Maybe we should rent a dvd. Haha!

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Aimar said...

What DVD?

CikPiN said...

jen, dvd ape? na join.**grinnnnn

atreyu strange said...

Aku baru sebut DVD, dah naik miang. Belum lagi cakap, "Jom tengok 3gp!". Ntah ape jadi pastu.

p.s. CikPin, ko takleh tengok DVD tu. HARREMMMM!!!

k3i said...

soooo gonna watch! yeehaa

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