Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love Living Life. I Am Happy.

My attitude contradicts with almost everyone. And because of the way I convey my thoughts and feelings, hence, whatever I do or whatever I say, I am always misinterpreted.

I am surrounded by people who thinks that I am a tough cookie who could get through the worst pain and still remain calm. Yes, I am tough. In guarding the feelings of others, I am quick to respond/counter-attack. But in guarding the feelings of my own, I am weak and I am fragile. I have no guards over how I feel. I am passive and I don't see the point to respond to people's misinterpretation.

Consequently, when I am being perceived as having a negative persona, I would normally pick a corner to sulk over it instead of going over to that person to prove otherwise.

Sulking sucks. But when sulking is accompanied by a comforting soul, I achieve serenity and composure.

But the comforting soul cannot be there for you always, can he? Nor do you have the nerve to share ALL your problems with him, do you?

So, when he's not there for me or when I do not have the guts to discuss my problems with him, where do I turn to for strength?

No, not God. Yes, the world revolves around God but God helps does who helps themselves. God did not give us a weak soul. We on earth are the one who constantly weakens the soul.

So, where do I turn for strength?

Nick Vujicic.
Not because he is anyone special in my life but because God has created him special.

Who said that the messenger of God has to be a perfect being?

He doesn't have to. He just need to knock some senses into our enormous brains.

* I like when Nick says "It matters how you gonna finish. Are you gonna finish strong?". I felt like being knocked on the head. A HARD one too.
* Told you, people will NEVER get what I REALLY think. Sigh~
* I have HATE-fanS under one roof. Can the other bloggers top that? Haha!

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cyrildason said...

I think everyone has inner strengh, they just need to know how to unleash it.

I suggest you start by saying 'No' to people whom always ask for favours.

blowie said...

tabah gila Nick Vujicic tuh,sedih aku tgk...

atreyu strange said...

CyrilDason, yeahh, I always have this problem of saying NO to people..

Blowie, sedih je ke? Mesti ada menitis air mata kan?! Kan?! Kan?! Ngeee~

~dolly~ said...

dropping by

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