Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You’re not going to tell on me, are you?

Firstly, I really wanna say something about the tragic car accident that had occurred two days ago. But I think, I'll let the car owner do the talking in his blog.

Secondly, although both of us are still shaken from the incident, we gave ourselves a break by going to the movie last night. Some called him CRAZY for going to the movies only two days after a freak accident, well yes, he must be crazy of me. :)

Thanks to Nuffnang, I won myself two free passes to watch the Premiere Screening of Orphan last night.

The story revolves around the life of Kate and John who had just lost a baby after Kate's miscarriage. They already have two kids; a son Daniel and deaf-mute daughter Max, but because they felt so lost without the third child (which they wanted to name as Jessica), they decided to adopt a child.

And so, Esther came into the family.

On the outside, Esther seems like an angelic little girl. But Esther isn't as sweet as first impressions suggest, and almost immediately after welcoming Esther into their home, Kate begin to notice that there is something terribly wrong with their adoptive daughter. Several tragic incidents took place in the presence of Esther and when Sister Abigail (from the orphanage) came to warn them, Sister Abigail was found murdered the next day. John however, didn't want to believe Kate, thinking that she is just paranoid or has been affected by her drinking habit.

The Positive Notes
  • Isabelle Fuhrman who plays Esther is whacking good! Because Esther is supposed to be of Russian descent, she even spoke with a Soviet-like accent.
  • A special recognition to Aryana Engineer, who plays the innocent little Max. Engineer, who is in fact hearing-impaired, played her character well. In some scenes when she removes her hearing clips, the sound drops out and the audience are taken into Max's perspective for a moment. That was cool.
  • The battering of Sister Abigail was madness. It was spine-chilling which reminded me of the brutal murder video of an elderly man by the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs.

The Negative Notes
  • The character of Esther was a bit too much of a typical Russian stereotype; cold, detail, very focused attitude with an evil persona. It's typical, isn't it?
  • Progression of scenes are slow. During the first half of the film, they focused too much on the "happy family" theme.
  • Suspends were just suspends. I wanted more brutal murder. Huhu.

Anyway, isn't it a cliche that mom always finds out something is wrong with her daughther when daddy is always the ignorant one? Heh.

3.90 out of 5 for a slow movie. Uhuhu~

* Seriously Wak Li, I didn't like your tone that night! Ergh!
* What do you want to proof to his family?
* Thank you for ignoring the call. It means the LIFE to me.

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Nicole said...

hi.. Thanks for dropping by my post. Sorry i didnt put Spoiler Alert.

I liked the way u write your movie review. I think i shall learn a trick or two from you.

See u around!

atreyu strange said...

Hey, I like the way you started the post where you described what happened during the opening scene! I couldn't have pull it off any better! *wink*

ck said...

hey, thx for droppin by. And im jealous of ur brilliant review..!! lol

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