Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's the Drill?

Behind closed doors, the sound of the evil tools could be heard. No signs of life, only sounds of the drill. My inner thought wants me to runaway and never return. But I fought the thought and patiently sat at a corner, heart racing. I looked around to make sure that I am not alone. From children to elderly, short and tall, slim and fat, it is quite obvious that the drills do not bother to discriminate!

Number 2015 appeared in red on the black screen. I looked at the number in my hand. WHY? Why does it HAVE TO be the SAME number as on the black screen!

I stood up and with knee beginning to weaken, I forced my steps towards the door. What awaiting behind those closed doors, seriously, I prayed I would never find out!

I turned the door knob to open, and peeked. Everything seems white. A lady in mask noticed me and nodded her head. She pointed her finger towards a chair. With little strength that I have, I walked towards the chair and sat.

Then came a lady in what appears to me like a blue robe. She sat next to me. She adjusted my seat and adjusted the light above my head. The lady in mask begin to utter some numbers and the lady next to me nodded.

She reached for her instrument. That evil tool! I told myself.

Suddenly, the tool started to roar. I lie numbed to the chair. Thoughts of the evil tool hurting me begin to flood my mind. What if the evil tool sucks my brain out? What if the other instruments suddenly drills into my brain and squeezes the juice out? What if... ????

The lady moved closer to me with the tool in her hand. I stared at her and wondered if the evil tool was so evil that it might explode because the lady was having a bigger mask to cover her face. Suddenly she said, "Bukak mulut dik. Saya nak tengok berapa banyak gigi yang nak kene tampal."


The rest of the story has been censored due to viewer's discretion. The author survived the torture and is now safely surfing from her bedroom. The author would like to acknowledge The Cut Studio in Menara UOA Bangsar for treating her like a princess during her visit to the salon after the torture. She is a satisfied customer and hopes to send her mum for a haircut there tomorrow. Afterall, it's only RM19.80 for a cut and wash! *winks*

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CikPiN said...

kenapa ada 80 sen? pelik gile..

nape ta round jek..

...pentakut jumpe dokte gigi rupenya.. nampak je ganas.. hahahaha

atreyu strange said...

Pin, kerana studio itu baru dibuka, maka studio itu sedang mempromosikan pakej Cut & Wash, RM9.90 + RM9.90. Huhu.

Dan YA, aku akui, aku tak suke jumpe dokte gigi! Bukan sebab mereka jahat, tapi alatan disekeliling mereka tu yang jahat!

cik bit said...

kalo takut..
katakan takut

atreyu strange said...

FINE, aku TAKOT. Huh. Puas ati,Biha?

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