Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A picture speaks a gazillion words!

Got tagged by NoQ - sorry for being super late! It looks simple but I don't know why I took a long time to get the pictures I wanted! I think I'm picky... Yeahh, I AM.

My next birthday

DATE: Unknown

Place I would like to travel

Where is this plane heading? That's where I want to be!

A favourite place

This is NOT my room

A favourite food

MOIST. Need I say more?

A favourite thing


My nickname

I left plurk

Favourite colour(s)

I couldn't pick ONE

My love

Aku. Kamu. KAMI.

A hobby

This is totally a dreamworks' product!

Bad habit

Daily manifesto

Wish list

C'mon. U don't like money??

X people to be tagged:

Enough said

* Bawa bertenang kamu. Tag kamu akan menyusul... selepas review Transformers! Haha!
* Conman ini memang JAHAT. Barang RM200+ jadi RM500+??? Haihhh...

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