Monday, June 22, 2009

Geng Bas Sekolah

Don't you feel a lil’ nervous when you take the public transportation, especially the bus, and notice that the majority of the passengers AREN'T Malaysian? It freaks me out when I enter a bus full of non-Malaysian passengers i.e. Indonesian, Philippines, Cambodians, Bangladeshis. Ahh, put it this way, IMMIGRANTS. I hope I'm not wrong at calling them immigrants.

I feel lost. As though I took the wrong bus. And one glance outside the bus window, I see Proton and Perodua cars. Pheww! I'm home! In Malaysia.

I am not xenophobic towards them. Okay, maybe a lil' towards African. It has a good reason okay! And NO, you don't need to know, thank you very much.

I just feel, uncomfortable. I look human, don't I? But why are they staring at me as though I am the alien from outer space and they are the only humans on earth??

Fine, maybe I DO look alien to them. But why are they staring at my body again??? Fak.

It is bad enough that we don't get seats in the bus because well, obviously, these people has already taken over all the seats available. Now, since we're standing, they do a full body inspection on us??? Watdefak!

If that isn't bad enough, just wait till an old lady gets into the bus. They don't even have the f**king courtesy to give up their seats! They would even do a full body inspection on the old lady, for goodness sake!

Let alone the part when they push their way into the bus. Sigh...

I'd love to have good perception of people, including them. But if they keep behaving this way, I don't think I could ever think so beautifully of them. I feel sorry.

* If an Indian bad-mouthing the Malays is a racist, then what about a Malaysian like me bad-mouthing immigrants like them? Yikes.
* Fair enough that I don't call them illegal immigrants, eh?
* You think I'm gonna talk about the kids program on tv, eh? Haha~

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✖₪ F A R H A N I ₪✖ said...

diorang x polite cam org melayu...

atreyu strange said...

Cik Farhani,let's be clear here. When I say immigrants, I don't mean the Indians and Chinese born and breed in Malaysia. That's a TOTAL insult. I meant the Indonesian, Phillipines, bla bla, that comes to Malaysia with a work permit and stays in Malaysia to feed their family back in their own country.

And Malays are not polite BEYOND any other races.

Aku tau niat ko baek bagi komen tu, tapi point sebenar aku ialah, mereka tak patot tunjuk tingkahlaku buruk macam tu sebab kita manusia memang lali buat judgement based on ape yang kita lihat. Disebabkan tingkahlaku itu, ia membuatkan aku rase tak selesa dengan SEMUA immigrant.

Bak kate pepatah, kerana cat Nippon kaler biru setitik, aku takleh minum Milo yang aku bancuh tadi. Hehe.

Still, aku tak berkenan la dengan ayat Cik Farhani tu. Huhu. Ape, kaum lain kat Malaysia ni seperti Iban, Bidayuh dan Kadazan tak polite?

Sekian, hujah buat kali ni.

*Kan dah kene hentam tu Cik Farhani. Haha!

k3i said...

moral of the day:
jgn naik public transport, lg2 ms ujung mgu. nnt terserempak rmi jejaka baju kotak2, rambut keras kilat2 sikat tepi. horror~~

atreyu strange said...

hahaha! itu adalah sangat benar cik k3i!

tapi aku xde pilihan lain, camne plak tue?? ni pun naik bas dtg ofiz utk surfing. erk~ haha, kantoi!

zaidharis said...

cakap cakap kutuk kutuk yang sampai bila malaysia boleh bukak mata?

haha, lagipon tranformers pon buat cerita yang penuh cgi yang tipu-tipu belaka.

aaaa...lari topik ke?

atreyu strange said...

SANGAT lari topik incik zaid!

blowie said...

susah sangat orang hot ni,naik teksi ke bas ke sume pandang :P

atreyu strange said...

Blowie, honestly, TIDAK HOT. Cuma mereka tu yang erm, g*rs**g. Haha!

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