Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How's the nose doing, honey?

It's fine. It's just a little sweaty in here. Could you please turn on the air-cond before my nose melts? Thanks sweetie.

Rhinoplasty. That's a nose job. Or in a more decent term, 'corrective' surgery done on the nose.

These days when you see Hollywood stars strolling down the red carpet, they are all screaming for plastic surgery. I can almost say about 8-9 out of 10 stars on one carpet has been under the knives and needles to 'correct' at least one body part. I might not be SCIENTIFICALLY correct, but that's close enough, I know. Hehe.

But hey, that's a decision for them to make. And consequences for them to live with. But is also sad to see some already beautiful girls going under the needles, and coming out looking, well, not that pretty anymore. Well, I don't know what they think of themselves post-surgery, but I sure liked them before. Take this chick for instance, Playmate of the Year (2007), Sara Jean Underwood. She HAD a cute button nose. But she HAD to butcher it anyway! Sigh~

And that's nothing, really, compared to the self-proclaimed “first American supermodel”, Janice Dickinson. If you watch her reality tv show, it's even more obvious. In the photo I stole from somewhere, she tries to make sexy faces as if she were still in her modeling heyday. Also notable, she BRAGS about everything she had done to stay, well, young. Aihh..

Britney Spears. Zac Efron. Scarlett Johansson. Teri Hatcher. Robert Downey Jr. Michael Douglas. Madonna. That's just how celebrities survive in Hollywood, huh? Ouhh, think again! Plastic Corrective surgery is happening everywhere and to ANYONE! It doesn't even matter if you're only 15!

Look at Jocelyn Wildenstein. Not an actress, not a singer, not a wrestler. Well, obviously an 'entertainer' now. She had her eyes done, her lips plumped to the point of exploding, rhinoplasty, a chin implants, and various face lifts. *Yeah, I know, she's a living nightmare!

She's just a TERRIBLE example, isn't she?

I don't know what's the point of this entry, really. I guess I'm just pointing out that plastic surgery may not be the solution to all problems related to beauty. But hey, Kim Kardashian had some face lift, and I think it looked good.

Just be careful when you have the slightest thought about plastic surgery. It may or may not help you to look pretty.

* I have not put any examples of the infamous breast implants. Well, I probably don't want my male readers to be disturbed by the images tonight! Hehe.
* I'm addicted.
* How's the nose doing, Mr Jackson?

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k3i said...

janice dickinson- self-proclaimed 1st supermodel. dulu cam tak pecaya. tp bila dah tgk muka ms muda bergetah, hmm...patut pun perasan lebih. mmg cun pun! skang? cam getah sekerap. haishhh..

* kutuk-kutuk pun, aku jgk la salah sorg yg naikkan rating 'janice dickinson modelling agency' tu.

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