Monday, June 08, 2009

Watch out girls!

I was late for work this morning. So, I decided to take a cab. I looked around if there are any familiar face that might want to ride with me to the office. None. So, I went to wait for the cab by myself.

From afar, a cab flashed its high beam and I knew the cab driver was signalling me. I hailed him down, and reached out to the back door. But, he opened the front door instead and smiled.

Since the door was opened, I bent forward and asked if he goes to Kerinchi. He said yes and signaled me to come in.

I was about to close the front door (I would normally sit on the back seat) when he said, "Sit at front. Got other passenger to take."

"Ouhh, ok", I said and immediately sat on the front seat.

"You are very gorgeous, you know", the driver suddenly said, to my surprise. At first, I took it as a compliment and I casually thanked him for that.

And then, he went on, "God bless you my dear because you are very gorgeous and you make me feel very happy this morning."

Ow-kaaayyyyyy, I gave a smile, forcefully.

"Are you an open-minded person? I hope you are. Because for a gorgeous person like you, you should be happy that someone compliments you." He continued.

"I am open-minded, but to a certain extend, of course," I replied. There was no expression on my face. I think he is starting to scare me.

"Good, good. Sometimes, I don't understand why women are very afraid when we compliment them. Like you, you are very gorgeous, and honestly you have certainly make me feel happy this morning, You know la, we are men, we are naughty."

What the fuck?!!

I was very afraid when he said that and got even MORE afraid when he said, "Sorry la, but I saw it. I wasn't looking on purpose, but I saw it and, it was good a feeling, you know. I had a bad day yesterday so thank you, for making my morning feel good."

Say WHAT???!!!! He saw something when I bent over, didn't he? @#$%^&*!!! I was sooOoooOoo freaking afraid and all I could hope for is; please clear the road so that I could reach my destination faster and most importantly, SAFELY!

Thank goodness there was NO traffic jam and I've reached the destination safely!

That was not ALL of the conversation. That was only part of what happened. There were also conversation on my body figure, boyfriend and gambling (he actually BRAGGED that he lost RM800 at Genting last night, come to think of it, he might have made up that story, what an a*s).

Although I was not physically harassed, I think I am affected emotionally and it will make me think twice before taking another cab, ALONE. The way he kept repeatedly telling me about how gorgeous I am was no longer a compliment. It was very uncomfortable. He was harassing me.

Just a little reminder to myself and every other women out there to AVOID THIS CAB:

Plat no. : HWC 2548
Driver's Name: Sooriya
Race : Indian (Ergh, spoiler!)
Cab colour : Red
Signature : He will most probably flash his high beam when he sees you

I am really distracted right now, and I could barely work.

* I don't think I was overly dressed yet I admit that I am responsible of my own safety.
* Lesson learnt: Never sit on the front seat! If he insist, take the next cab!
* Yes, there wasn't any physical contact, but it was scary enough ok!

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k3i said...

waaa..horror tu!

atreyu strange said...

mmg horror weyh. dah lah aku duduk depan! ergh! pikir2 wat aku tensi jek!

zaidharis said...

bodoh punya teksi~

boduh punya itu india teksi

(melayu pun ada, ramai)

bodoh punya lelaki gila seks!!

atreyu strange said...

zaid, ko takowt dianggap racist ek sbb tu ko tambah (melayu pun ada, ramai)??

ahaa. sgt kelakar!

bongkersz said...

Dear, don't take taxi on your own. Women should never take taxi on their own in Malaysia. Just be safe. If you must, then sit behind. The other passengers the taxi is going to take (whatever the taxi driver trying to say) can sit in front later.

atreyu strange said...

Bong, I usually take the cab with some people I know, unfortunately, they took an early bus that day.

Well, I spoke to an officer a couple of days ago and she advised me NOT to take cab that takes other passengers for a start! They could be summoned by JPJ, so that's a point to use when they insist me to sit in front. Heh.

Thank goodness nothing happen eh. Pheww!~

Anonymous said...

actually, sit at the back seat could also pose a danger threat. as if the bad driver take u to the middle of nowhere, he could just lock all the car's door and immediettely jump on u from the front seat and also at the time the front seat will play an important role for him to lock u down and for him to move faster. conclusion, don't take a cab. wait no, get a gun. haha

blowie said...

indian?! area mana teksi ni?
GILA GATAL! Not all men are naughty okay! ;p

amirulhazwan said...

my gf pun kene gak.

sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

my case even worst because he is malay! old!! urghh! hahah he makes me freaking scared to take a cab..!! curse you old pakcik! hahha

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