Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Atreyu's A-Z List

I got tagged by Bong. This list is gonna be random, not so much of a 'favorite' list, bcoz seriously, it's a tough one, Huhu~

*Begin copy here*

1. Start copy from "Begin Copy Here" until "End Copy" to your blog.

2. List your favorites from A-Z.

For example, starting with the alphabet A, you can list down your favorite Actor, your favorite Anthem, favorite Aerobic exercise or even your favorite ABBA's song. As long as it starts with the letter A.

Then move on to alphabet B. You can list your favorite Book, or Bag, or Blog, or even your favorite Boxer shorts! It's entirely up to you!

Repeat the same with alphabet C, D, E and so on until Z.

If you can't think of a word that starts on that particular alphabet, you may visit FoongPC's blog for a comprehensive list of words.

3. Tag 7 people.

*End copy*

My A-Z List

A is for Atreyu, the name I carry in the blogging world. And NO, it has NOTHING TO DO with the band, Atreyu! @#$%^&*!!!

B is for boyfriend. Apparently, I stole him. Lantak.

C is for catfight. Catfight are only for girls and it's a favorite because we get to see two (or more) bit*hes pulling each others hair! Yeee-haw!!

D is for dooodolls. I've got Cocoman as my birthday gift. But I call him Tabername. And this was one of the first impression given by someone who had seen Tabername, "OMFG, what is that ugly thing???!!" Haha!

He looks like a retard, eh? Huhu~

E is for Earth hour. What have we done since then to save the earth from further harm? Nothing, I guess...

F is for footwear. I wear Viss, Converse, Bata and Jukebox. Ahaa~

G is for gigs. And I miss going to one.

H is for hire. Yeahh, I am FOR HIRE. Anyone?? Ngeee~

I is for iPhone and I have a fake, China one. LOL.

J is for Jen, the name I carry in the real world.

K is for Kotex. Erk~

L is for lingerie. I go for Scarlet because it is cheap yet comfortable & fitting. Uhuhu~

M is for mosquito and I realize that mosquitoes doesn't like my blood!

N is for New Zealand. NO FURTHER EXPLANATION! Huhu.

O is for Ohmigod, this tag is tough!

P is for piercing and I only have 3 piercings which are all located on the ear.

Q is for quote. Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes - Oscar Wilde.

R is for Research Scientist and I can't wait to quit this job! Ergh~

S is for Stella, the boyfriend's no 1 girlfriend. Erk.

T is for TV series and I follow CSI religiously. *Merah Puteh dah khatam!*

U is for University Malaysia Sarawak.

V is for vacation and I really need one now. Sigh~

W is for Windows XP. Laptop aku tak mampu kowt nak tanggung Vista. Huhu~

X is for X-Men Origins Wolverine - sape ade dvd pirate?? Heh.

Y is for young. I AM young, ok! Huh!

Z is for Zoo Negara. Nak pergi... huhu~

It's tough but fun, so I'm gonna tag this 7 others to crack up too!

2 other story teller(s):

blowie said...

new zealand? curiousss ;p

atreyu strange said...

uhuk2. itu rahsia. mane bley bgtau!

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