Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Psychological Hazards at the Workplace

Yesterday, my dear friend Bit has asked for my kind help regarding her assignment. The topic of her assignment covers Psychological Hazard. It is quite a tough one as not many journals and articles can be found. I have tried to google, but not many are based on scientific research. And sorry Bit, can’t help you much yesterday. I have my own share of workload. Huhu.Today, she wrote about factors that may contribute to psychological hazard in the workplace. If you want to check what might be the psychological hazard affecting you at work, you might want to check her summary. Hehe.

As for me, these are the hazards I have to endure day in/day out, five days a week:

Workplace Culture
  • A culture blame when things go wrong – my boss is a perfect example of blaming someone or SOMETHING else to manipulate her own thoughts.
  • Expectations that people will regularly work long hours or take work home – my boss is a workaholic who works 18 hours a day, seven days a week. She expects everyone else to do so. And did I mention, she has no kids, or husband or family members to attend to? (She’s got a husband ok, but he works overseas and visits Malaysia occassionally) She also, HAS NO LIFE. Sorry boss. Learn to have some fun, ok?
  • A fast working pace with little encouragement or opportunity for recuperation – Erghh, so true!

Demands of the Job
  • Unrealistic deadlines – trust me, it’s super unrealistic!
I would also like to add another psychological hazard to this list. I deem it to be approved by the National OSH.

Attitude Measure
  • Multiple Personality Disorder – My boss. Haha. She tends to manipulate her own thoughts a little too much!

What do you think Bit? Hehe.

I'll be writing something on another type of psychological hazard that had affected one person's life so bad, it ended sadly.

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myadlan said...

yeah. i can feel that. eventhough just doing practical rite now, but its a mental preparation before getting my first job next year..

all in one word (two words actually) = mental torture

cik bit said...

hahhahaha...damn good jen..
ta sesia ko tlg aku wat assignment..
btol sangat yg ko buat last entry 2.
tp..aku rsa la kn..
boss ko 2 mangsa psychological hazard gak..
itu adalah consequence kpd hazard..
BEWARE dude!!!
u might be next..hahahahaha
oh our beloved JEN..gagagga

hesslei said...

A Psychological hazard may be any situation or series of circumstances that impact on an employee’s capacity to respond to work demands, relationships or challenges within the workplace. Psychological strain is the reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them. Psychological health is how people think, feel, behave and the physical responses caused in the body and is a product of psychological strain.


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