Tuesday, October 28, 2008


First and foremost, HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY HINDU FAMILY AND FRIENDS! I hope you had a great celebration yesterday, and maybe still is having a blast to this hour. Maybe tomorrow too. And the next day. And perhaps the next day. Also the weekend.. Okay, that's a lil' too much! Haha.

I wish I could have given the festive greeting yesterday, but I did not have much time to do a cyber card the day before. Huhu. Even this cyber card I have here has a touch of plagiarism! Adeii.

Anyway, Diwali celebration went well. The only visitor I had is my martial art Master. Thank you for coming Sir, even uninvited. Haha. Speaking of that, I don't mind if you were uninvited, because it shows that you had thought about me, and that's what most important. Cheers.

Owh, he was MY only visitor. The rest that came were friends of my dad, mum and brothers. Oooh, it shows how LAME a friend I am, that no one bothered to show up at the doorstep! Nahh, not really. I'm just losing all my friends in Kuantan to big cities like KL and Penang. (A comforting pat on my back)

Going back to KL tomorrow. Watching High School Musical 3 on Wednesday night? Fingers crossed.

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Sweet Thinker said...

alahai. comel kartun tue. kalah lah kawan2 india ku camtue kan best.!

atreyu strange said...

eh2. comel lg aku! erk~

Sweet Thinker said...

ye ke? mane pics?

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