Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The movie title says it all. It is all about senior year, graduating and making choices for the future.

Troy has to decide if he's going to go after a basketball scholarship at University of Albuqueque (did I get the spelling correctly??), or follow his own dream. And Gabriella, who lands in the Stanford honors program, she is tired of living BY THE RULES. Breaking free perhaps? Hehe.

Anyway, along with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical to address their experiences, hopes and fears about their future, which they showcast at the end of the movie.

Why I think the movie is OW-KAY.
  1. Sharpay - I love her character!!! Devilish. Bitchy. Nice body. Pretty. Drama queen. Haha. What more could you ask for?? (again - I am NOT a lesbian)
  2. Ryan - The other half of Sharpay. He's got good facial expressions in all the musicals. Sharpay too. They both know how to give good and convincing facial expressions. I have always loved these two characters ever since the first HSM.
  3. Sharpay & Ryan - Haha. I think they are the best characters in ALL the HSM installment! They OWN the musicals.
  4. Opening number Now Or Never, lunch period I Want It All and some jaw-dropping choreography - Good ones.

Why I think the movie SUxX.
  1. Remember how many songs they had in the first musical? Remember how many songs they had in the second musical? Total them up. THAT'S THE NUMBER OF SONGS THEY HAD IN THIS THIRD INSTALLMENT!! WAAAAYYYYY TOOOOOOO MANY!!!!!! It's WORST than a Hindustan/Tamil movie!!! They simply have to sing, strut, dance every 5 minutes interval! It's getting a lil too tired by the first half. Yikes..
  2. Once again, TOO MUCH (uncountable noun) SONGS. Sort of made my emotional attachment, whatever bonding I had in the first-two installments, DISAPPEAR. I couldn't cling to ANY ONE's feeling in the movie because the moment the feeling came in, they START THE DAMN SONG!!!! SERIOUSLY, TOO MUCH SONGS ORTEGA!!!
  3. Troy Bolton - Mr Efron, I don't like when you do solo. You're FAKE.
  4. Duet between Troy and Gabriella - seriously, they were trying to buy us with their fake smile????
  5. Spring musical - I just didn't get the 'kick' I expected.

I don't know how to rate this movie. Perhaps I went with the wrong person with all the wrong reason to watch this movie?? Erk. Lalala~

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cik bit said...

napa la ko tgk cite nih??
da xde cite lain ke nk tgk??
da sgt boleh d agak kebanyaknya lagu dia..hahhaha
PGL d musical tanak tengok?hahhaha

atreyu strange said...

Aku kan peminat HSM 1 & 2, so aku tgk la HSM 3. Tp agak2 hampa arr.. Uhuk2.

*Takmo lah tgk PGL. Musical drg mane rancak. Haha.

Anonymous said...

aku nak tgk la HSM3. big fan...yeah!ok x jen cite die.
yg ko pun satu la jen..dah nama 'musical' mesti la byk lagu ngan tarian. aku x sbr nak trn kl tgk kat cinema. yg 1 & 2 tgk kat tv je..x puas.

atreyu strange said...

tau la iyer musical, tp aku x pnah tgk musical yg giler khinzir byk lagu!! and aku x suke duet efron ngan hudgens tu, huhu.

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