Thursday, October 09, 2008

SCENE 4. Adeii...

Scene 4. Take 1.

The door bell rings. A Pakistani guy walks into office)
Me: Yes?
Pakistani: (gives his salam and caught the attention of a Muslim staff at her workstation)
Staff: (replies his salam in respect)
Pakistan: I am a Pakistani student studying in ****. I am here to try and sell this picture frames (shows some frames with Jawi writings) to help the poor students in my university. You see, the students come from Pakistan as well, but their parents can hardly afford to pay the tuition fee here. If you buy this....(bla bla bla, tries his best to outsmart the customer)
Staff: Sorry, this is too expensive to buy. Perhaps I'll give you RM* just to be fair to the poor ones, ok?
Pakistani: Ok, sister. But would you....(bla ba bla for another shot)
Staff: No, thank you.
Pakistani: Thank you for your donation, sister.

(Pakistani walks towards my workstation)
Pakistani: Sister, would you,
Me: Sorry, I am not a Muslim. I am a *****.
Pakistani: Oh, sorry sister. Are you sure? (curiously looks at me)
Me: YES, I AM SURE. How could I not be sure of my own religion?? (sounding ALMOST annoyed)
Pakistani: I'm sorry sister. Thank you for your time.
Me: Ok. (still sounding slightly annoyed)

(Pakistani walks off)

I'd like to remain positive here. Probably he was so nervous that the question of "Are you sure" popped out? So, I should not be so annoyed... But, - WAIT - I was already annoyed when he just STORMED into the office without we,the staff, give any approving gesture for him to walk in, although he did press the door bell.

Would you ring the door bell of someone's house, then simply let yourself in?

Anyway, I'm NOT trying to be racist here by specifically identifying his nationality. I remember one blogger (this blogger) who said that it is by far the easiest attribute to describe an individual. Trust me, I'd be annoyed REGARDLESS of their skin type, colour, whatever.

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zewt said...

yes, iceland is on the verge of national bankruptcy. i wonder if our country will become like that. scary eh?

atreyu strange said...

eh2. that's not what this post is about! huhu. let's go back to your blog dude!

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