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Pangkor Island Escapade

Woohoo~ Yep, I have disappeared for a couple of days and now I’m BACK! With a story, of course! So, let me tell you what I did this weekend.

Chapter 1: Pilot

260708 0000hour, departed from Puduraya to Lumut in a Transnasional bus. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find our seat numbers (or should I say, seat alphabets). We were given seat MB and MC, and those alphabets are NO WHERE to be found in the bus! We weren’t the only one with the problem. Apparently, there was another guy given the seat FD, which is no where in the bus either! Without argument, we just sat SOME WHERE eventually.

Then, the bus had to make a stop at the Hentian Duta to pick up more passengers. Here comes the THUNDER (rain, storm and everything MIGHTY). A bunch of OLD LADIES came up the bus and ALL were making such TERRIBLE noises, searching for their seat numbers. And I could conclude that they are together for a weekend trip, probably club members, or officemates. And out of the pack of hyenas, oops, I meant, ladies, there was ONE lady who stand out – who were shouting out the seat numbers to her group members. And how unfortunate, the seats that we were seating at, was in fact, two of the numbers she called out. Heck – WE DIDN’T CARE to move anywhere!

And then, we found out that this isn’t the bus that we were all supposed to be in! Because the bus at 12 midnight, should be a Club Class Transnasional bus, which is not a normal bus – it was supposed to have single seats, and those pack of hye – erm – ladies where suppose to get single seats. So, since we are not in the right bus, and given the circumstances, WHY CANT YOU HYENAS JUST SIT ANYWHERE EMPTY!!! Ergh – sorry ‘bout the foul language... can’t stand it anymore… Even the driver has no say when these hyenas were hungrily searching for their seats!

Finally, they settled down. BUT – my misery did not end there. Bcoz later, under a faded moonlight, the hyenas were howling and growling terrible rhythm that rises the temperature in my blood. Thank God, the hyenas went to sleep eventually!

And the rest of the journey was pleasant…

We reached the Lumut station at around 0400hour and had an early breakfast at a restaurant nearby, while watching an old movie on HBO. Owh, did I mention the hyenas were having some decent breakfast at the restaurant too? Hehe.


Chapter 2: Journey to the East? West? South? North? – I DUNNO!!!

The Lumut Jetty is only a 5-min walk from the bus station, and since the 1st ferry to depart from Lumut Jetty is at 0645hour, we went lepak-ing at the Lumut Waterfront to past our time and told stories from the past. Hehe. And, we managed to snap some nice shots of our shoes – especially, MINE! Lalala~

When the time came, we bought our tickets at RM10 each – a return fare ticket – and no matter when you return, as long as you keep the ticket! We boarded the Mesra Feri at 0645hour and fortunately, this IS the ferry that I wanted to board bcoz we could stand on the deck and watch the sea, the sky, and the islands! Hehe.

The ferry took us to its first stop, which is the Sg Pinang jetty – if I’m not mistaken. This is the stop where most villagers get down. I heard that the fare for villagers is also different – only RM 6. The next stop is where we get down, the Pangkor jetty. As soon as we hit the land, there were many pink vans waiting for passengers to be taken for a ride around the island. One man approached us and asked if we wanted to rent a bike. But I arrogantly said, I want to ride a bicycle! Only later I learnt that bicycle is NOT an option for me! Hehe. Anyway, rejecting his offer, we took the pink van to Teluk Nipah, where they said have places to rent bicycles. Judging from the map that I downloaded from the internet, I thought that Teluk Nipah is not very far from the Pangkor jetty. But, boy it was FAR!!

Only THEN I decided that bicycle is a NO NO. Haha~

And in fact, when we reached Teluk Nipah, the villagers there told us that there was no bicycle rental service in Teluk Nipah. So, we decided to rent a motorbike and we got one from the Sunset Beach Resort (I hope I didn’t get the name wrongly!) at the price of RM30 per day.


Chapter 3: Going places

First destination after we got the bike - is only 50m away - haha. We stop to have a heavy a breakfast. We expected nasi lemak with ikan bilis, timun, telur goreng and some good sambal, but it turn out to be nasi lemak with sambal n ikan sambal. Hmmm...not quite sure if it's called 'Nasi Lemak' now. Huhu~ Despite the expectation we had, we ate it finish anyway!

And then, we headed back to Pangkor Town and took a turn towards the Dutch Fort. And little did I expect that Dutch Fort is very little! I mean, it looks bigger in pictures. And I was, slightly disappointed to see it small. Huhu~

Anyway, since it's still early in the morning, there weren't any tourist except us at the Dutch Fort! Which also means - we OWN it!! So, we took pics, pics, and MORE pics of ourselves! Ahax.

After visiting the Dutch Fort, we went sightseeing along the Pasir Bogak beach. And somewhere along the beach (we have NO IDEA where we’re at!), I saw a beautiful spot, and there were monkeys too. My boyfriend warned me that these monkeys are fierce, but I insisted that we stop at the beautiful spot. And then, my boyfriend came up with a BRILLIANT suggestion to feed the monkeys with the snacks we have. Little did he know that, at the sound of the plastic, the monkeys got alerted that there is food within the parameter! And yeah, they got FIERCE. All of a sudden, the monkeys were AT us, making monkey sounds and looking fierce. We threw the food at them, and now the monkeys were targeting for our backpacks! Damn, we had to move away fast! Finally, when we got to safety, my boyfriend left his backpack with me, and went back towards the monkey, to RESCUE our bike. Yeah, our bike is in the midst of the battle between human and monkeys. Haha. Funny it was! And sigh, I didn’t get to snap any pictures at the spot I was attracted to! But later, I did!

We continued our journey to the other beaches. Reached Teluk Nipah again, and went straight up the hill towards the Airport, then to Teluk Dalam. We took another uphill turn at the Teluk Dalam Resort, and it was a very narrow and winding road. It scared us a little bcoz the bike we rented has some brake problem, so we were worried went going downhill. Huhu~ But we made it to safety. Hehe.

Owh yeah, we went into town again (such a small island!) and went back to the spot were the monkeys tried to attack us. This time, NO MONKEYS were in sight! So, we took some pictures!


Chapter 4: Taking A Nap

1130hours – time to check in, take a shower and take a nap. ZzzzZzz……


Chapter 5: I want to play Kayak!!

But too bad, we can’t play Kayak! According to the beach boys, Kayaking during this season is not a good option because of the waves. Ok, take note – July is NOT a good time to Kayak in Pangkor! Ergh~

After much persuasion from the beach boys, we eventually agreed to go snorkeling in Giam Island. Snorkeling cost us each RM15 – no time limit, snorkel all you want deal. And the boat transfer was awesome because he took us on a HELL RIDE! Haha~


Chapter 6: Food-tastic? Not really...

to be continued. haha.

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