Sunday, July 13, 2008


To travel by bus is tiring! Ergh~ not to mention a twisted journey when the bus driver decided to take the Karak Highway! Rs cam nk muntah jek dok dlm bas! Naseb baek x muntah atas abg driver tu. Dh la dok blkg driver jek! Huhu~

Nway, this morning we went to the lake within the compound of the Pahang Buddhist Association where there were lots of big BIG ikan keli!! We fed the fishes with roti Gardenia (tp sori ler ikan, ktrg kasik ko mkn roti yg dh luput! wakakaka~). Mum also bought the fish mkn at RM2 per packet - yg ni x luput lg tau! haha.

Above are pics of my bros! There were also some tortoise in that pond! And some other fishes, which I couldnt care to name! Haha~

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