Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pangkor Pangkor and MORE Pangkor

I know some ppl say that Pangkor is not as beautiful compared to Tioman and Redang bla bla bla. But I still think it's a perfect gateway if you just want to chill out somewhere FAR from the city of Kay-hell. So, I was thinking of doing some search on the internet abt visiting Pangkor during my wkends. And found plenty of useful pages, EXCEPT that, they were targeted towards the rich and the famous tourist!!

Only now I know that there is a SUPER LUXURIOUS resort called the Pangkor Laut Resort which is on a small island just offshore Pangkor mainland (ok, is Pangkor a 'mainland' or an 'island' in this case?? confused~) And the rate, ergh, cheapest i think is 350++, and it's NOT in MYR, it's USD. sigh! just keeping this link for the record (wei bf, faster get rich la!!), check out their website: http://www.pangkorlautresort.com

And then, the so-called brilliant part of me stumbled upon this website: http://www.pulau-pangkor.com/Backpackers-in-Pangkor.html. This is perfect if you're on a tight budget! It actually gives you some idea that there ARE some budget lodges in Pangkor. FINALLY! In fact, while I was in the Lowyat.net forum, I found out from other forumers that there are plenty of budget lodgings in Pangkor, particularly in the area of Teluk Nipah. And what's more? Teluk Nipah is the beach area that is mostly recommended when you go to Pangkor! Lots of watersport, so I heard. Like banana boat, kayaking (can go to Pulau Giam - not far), jetski-ing, and snorkelling.

Anyway, those in the Lowyat.net did say that the trip should be short. Any longer than 3 days, then you better bring along some books to past your time. Even playing PSP all day long can be annoying dy! Huhu~

So, I decided to do the Math if someone plans for a wkend there, say 2D 1N. Let's see here, the budget we have, if someone were to travel from KL.

Return bus fare KL-Lumut: RM 18.90 x 2 = RM 37.80
Return ferry fare: RM10.00 (the most is RM16.00 depending on season)
Rent a bicycle: RM 5/day (if motorbike btwn RM15-25)
Nazri Nipah Camp (in Teluk Nipah): RM60/night (rate applicable during wkends)

Say you're working (coz I am), finish work that Friday, take a midnight bus (Transnasional KL-Lumut, 1145pm). It is an approximate of 4 hrs to Lumut. Arnd 4am, you reach Lumut. Wait till 645am, the 1st ferry come and angkut you go to Pangkor. Reach there, sure hungry dy, so go sit and eat at some local stalls. Then, get your bicycle and hunt for the lodging (use map la). Unload your stuffs, then go to the beach. Can enjoy banana boat (dunno how much), kayaking (RM10), and bla bla bla. That night, go cari ikan bakar!! Haha. Then sleep. next morning, wake up, pack things, and head to town. See arnd, then blk KL la!! Huh. Short trip, but I think should be worth it!

Ergh, when do I go?? DUNNO!!!

p/s: picture courtesy of cuti.com.my

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cambodia is the greatest
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